SP mission : Seize zones Duala [3 themes] updated
3-sz_duala_afrenian.jpg 3-sz_duala_molatian.jpg

stiff has released a new version of this Seize zones mission for the Duala Island in the BI forums.

Changes in this version:
    The same function as the Arma 2 + OA version 1.95 was added.
    - Certain re-request of armored vehicle and IFV.
    - Landing in destination of transport helicopter.
    - Fast rope (Optional addon)
    - ArmA2 Single Player revive
    - Bomber for player.
    - Attack helicopter for player
    - Warning to player in impact point
    - Fixed: The standby time of the bomber and the attack helicopter was corrected.
    - Improved: When the bomber cannot bomb, the order of another target can be done.
    - Fixed: The assault armored doesn't come. (Complete cure)

Written on 2010-08-18 17:15 by Big  

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