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Version: 0.91 beta

Short description: Since BattlEye Server version 1.102 you can control your server remotely (without having to be in-game) from anywhere on the internet with the new BattlEye RCon tool.

Date: 2010-02-26 13:53

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BattlEye RCon

All you have to do to enable it is creating a BEServer.cfg file in your BattlEye working directory (in the application data / profiles / BEpath folder, not the install folder) with a line containing "RConPassword [password]" (without [] of course) and (re-)start your ArmA 2 server. That's it. No need to open an additional port in your firewall or anything.

You can now easily connect with the BE RCon tool using the server's IP address, its usual game port and the specified RCon password. Note that this can be done by multiple admins at the same time (unlike ArmA 2's in-game admin feature). When logged in, you can enter BE Server commands and ArmA 2 server commands prefixed with #. In addition you will see all BE Server messages (like information about new players) live in the console.

To log out, simply type "logout". To quickly close the tool, type "exit".

A command to display all available BE Server commands will be added soon. The main commands for now are: "players" (display player list including BE GUIDs and pings), "kick [player#]" (kick a player, his # can be found in the player list), "RConPassword [password]" (change the RCon password), "MaxPing [ping]" (if a player has a higher ping, he will be kicked from the server).
More commands will follow over time.

JUst run the included exe file.

Keep in mind that this is a beta and changes will still be made. Make sure you always have the most recent version so everything works correctly (especially if there are RCon protocol changes).

- better "interface" and a help option
- command-line options to directly log into a server (see help in the tool)
- hostnames (DNS resolution) now supported
- UTF-8 player names now supported (change the console's font to a font capable of UTF-8, like Lucida Console)

Also, the new BE Server version now sends info about BE kicks to RCon clients and shows RCon admin logins in the server console.
To get a list of available commands on the server, simply type "commands".

The following commands are important:
- kick [player#] [reason] - if reason is not specified the player will be kicked with "Kicked by admin"
- ban [player#] [time in minutes] [reason] - if time is not specified or 0, the ban will be permanent; if reason is not specified the player will be kicked with "Banned"
- banip = ban, except that it bans the player's IP address

Bans are written to guidbans.txt and ipbans.txt in your server's BE working directory and therefore will be saved even if the server restarts. Note that the ban files are only read on BE Server initialization, so bans can only be added via the RCon interface.

Commands to remove bans, reload the ban files, etc. will be added soon.

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