Author: Gnat
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Requirements: GLT Missilebox, Community Base addons

Version: beta 3
Signed: Yes

Short description: This adds the Su33 Flanker-D, a Single Seat Fighter Bomber.

Date: 2013-10-06 20:01

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Sukhoi Su33 Flanker D


This adds the Su33 Flanker-D, a Single Seat Fighter Bomber.
    - 3 colour schemes
    - Multi source textures into merged format
    - Optimized sqf scripts
    - Afterburner and vapour FX
    - Keyboard for FX not required
    - "Manual" landing gear for carrier operations
    - 3 axis animated undercarriage
    - Cockpit and landing lights
    - Cockpit instruments
    - Random unit numbers
    - Clan logos
    - Customisable markings
    - Damage model and Textures

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Included .pbo files:

OPFOR Figther Bomber
OPFOR -> Russia -> Air -> Su33 (various)

Future plans:
- Not sure

Known issues:
- player control dont lower gear on auto landing
- Landing Gear panel indicator not working

Credits & thanks:
Based on the OFP Su33 by Footmunch.
Textures cleaned and improved by eddyD
FX originally by Lethal
Thanks to Myke for his Missilebox
Thanks very much to all, especially Footmunch.

Thanks to those who answered my various script, config and O2 questions too.

Original addon by Footmuch and retex'ed by eddyD
For BIS Armed Assault II
Converted and modified to ArmA from OFP by Gnat
with permissions.
Various changes including refining the 3D model,
merging the textures, adding multi-weapon load-ups,
adding damage textures etc etc

beta 3
- Removed "tidy" actions
- 5 Loadouts
- Flares added
- GPS/INS System targeting system
- other tweaks

Beta 2
- Current ArmAII release

Beta 1
- ArmA Release

Forum topics:
- BI forums

- GLT Missilebox
- Community Base addons

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