Author: IkaR, Southy, ANZACSAS Steve And Konyo
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.6 beta
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Date: 2010-06-26 22:10

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F-14 Tomcat

IkaR converted to ArmA 2 by Southy and upgraded to Arma 2: OA by ANZACSAS Steve And Konyo

Updated and improved for Arma2
Supershader now in use, RACS skin as bonus.

Addon features:
    - Fully integrated gunners position
    - Spec/normal maps
    - Full special effects packeage (Afterburner, sonic boom and vapour, Special FX by Lethal edited by Gnat and further modified by the Project RACS Mod/Scars)
    - Modified flight model
    - Binarized PBO
    - XEH compatible
    - 3 x custom textures thanks to EddyD
    - 1 x USN colour scheme
    - 2 x Iranian colour schemes
    - Templates for creating your own textures, again thanks to EddyD
    - Weapon scrips work thanks to namman2
    - Multi weapon loadouts:
      - CAS – 38 FFAR, cannon, 2 x AIM9 and 4 x AGM65
      - CAP - 6 x AIM 54, 2 x Aim9, Cannon
      - Strike – 5 x GBU12 (LANTIRN system), 2 x Aim9, Cannon (Bombcat)
    - Working ROI (Gunner position) target selection etc.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

Future plans:
* Remove/fix Scripted weps.
* FLIR /Optics Laser Des.for gunner LGB version?
* Add the Iran variant to the Iran mod Faction.
* Animate hook.
* Alter the wing sweep script for better carrier ops.
* Would like to see the guns for the pilot, and maybe hydras. considering as an option.
* If possible, animate the landing gear doors to close after the gears, and not simultaneous pending CFG .
* Key files, so it can be used on servers with lock. pending future versions.
* Hi-speed sound adjustment.
* Mp visual efx for afterburner.


F14 Arma Addon (video from Armed Assault)

Arma2 F-14 Addon testing HUD

Credits & Thanks:
With permission, coversion of IkaR's F 14 Tomcat from Opf by Southy.
Updated for Arma 2 by ANZACSAS Steve And Konyo

Konyo - Thanks bud,your help has been invaluable.Owe ya a few beers m8.
Polish GI - Your knowledge and expertise inspires me.Thanks m8.
Southy - for allowing us to continue work on this addon (and others) while he has a break. Your a top bloke m8.Thanks

And last but not least my brother Ron for patiently testing the addon in Mp over and over again looking for small changes errors.

* Countermeasures added.
* Incommingmissile radar system and Sounds added.
* Afterburner script modified for better performance and sorted out bugggy efx positions visible to player in flight in burner mode..
* Rocket Trail EFX for missiles added.
* VeiwPilot Adjusted.
* AIM-9 adjusted , some cfg fixes.
* AIM-54 Adjusted, some cfg fixes.(Better setup for long range AA engagements as in RL)
* GBU-12 Fire modes.
* Sounds added for explosions.
* Sounds remixed for better coop use.
* Sound Fix for hi speed flyby on full afterburn.
* FFAR sound glitch.(Bis).Fixed.
* Adjusted close Res lod's for better visuals on the carrier.Huge thanks to Konyo. :)
* Countermeasures Memory points defined.Huge thanks to Konyo again.You da Man!! :)
* Aircraft nosing down at hi/cruise speed. Fixed.
* Adjusted gunaimdown cfg entry.
* Adjusted idle sound.
* Arrestor Hook fixed.
* USNavy Faction now used for the U.S.Navy variants.
* Racs variant now found under same faction as Pracs mod.
* Missions Added.
* Increased Armour for wheels for carrrier use.As in real life.
* Additional Cfg fixes.
* New Object in editor!!
- Maintenance Area -
- Maintenance Area Object Found under Class - Empty/Support/Maintenace Area
- Maintenance Area Object (Invisible) Found under Class - Empty/Support/Maintenace Area
- Rearms,repairs,refuels at one point.This is using the yellow border parking spot object in the editor as the base.It doesnt overwrite the original object in any way.

v1.51 Beta
* re-instaed afterburner
* GBU bombs are now self guided again
* AIM9 missile damage increased again

v1.5 beta
* 'No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgFactionClasses.USAF' Fixed CFG error
* No engine sound in cockpit Fixed thanx to Anzac Steve
* When turning head back as pilot, wings and body are white. (USNavy versions) Fixed
* As gunner, you see the HUD from the pilot. pending/not sure of fix
* Some LOD seem to have no texture, from far it turned all White, then closer the texture appeared (seem to be USN version to). Fixed
* Missiles seem to spawn above the plane when firing. so makes a missile and "explision" appear above the plane for a brief second. Weapons scripted/expect proper fix as addon moves to arma2 proxies
* If im not mistaken the rearwing should work as aileron and elev.? still checking, if anyone has information please advise

Included another F14 version called legacy, this version allows the use of the original OFP squadron skins, all skins are listed in the ID folder in the addon.

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