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ANZACSAS Steve informed us he released an updated beta version of the F-14 Tomcat on the BI forums.
This was originally made by IkaR, converted to Arma 2 by Southy and now updated by ANZACSAS Steve And Konyo.

    Quote ANZACSAS Steve :
    Heres an update for Ikar's F-14 Tomcat. The update was originally only going to be a couple of cfg edits for the radar warning sytem and a few fixes but the more we fixed the more we thought we would refine it.
    Heres just some of the tweaks/fixes:
      - Countermeasures added.
      - Incommingmissile radar system and Sounds added.
      - Afterburner script modified for better performance and sorted out bugggy efx positions
      - Rocket Trail EFX for missiles added.
      - VeiwPilot Adjusted.
      - AIM-9 adjusted , some cfg fixes.
      - AIM-54 Adjusted, some cfg fixes.(Better setup for long range AA engagements as in RL)
      - GBU-12 Fire modes.
      - Sounds added for explosions.
      - Sounds remixed for better coop use.
      - Sound Fix for hi speed flyby on full afterburn.
      - FFAR sound glitch.(Bis).Fixed.
      - Adjusted close Res lod's for better visuals on the carrier.Huge thanks to Konyo.
      - Countermeasures Memory points defined.Huge thanks to Konyo again.You da Man!!
      - Aircraft nosing down at hi/cruise speed. Fixed.
      - Adjusted gunaimdown cfg entry.
      - Adjusted idle sound.
      - Arrestor Hook fixed.
      - USNavy Faction now used for the U.S.Navy variants.
      - Racs variant now found under same faction as Pracs mod.
      - Increased Armour for wheels for carrrier use.As in real life.
      - Additional Cfg fixes.
      - Singleplayer and Multiplayer Missions Added.

      Also i will mention there is new Object/s in the editor.Description below.
      - Maintenance Area -
      - Maintenance Area Object Found under Class - Empty/Support/Maintenace Area
      - Maintenance Area Object (Invisible) Found under Class - Empty/Support/Maintenace Area
      - Rearms,repairs,refuels at one point.This is using the yellow border parking spot object in the editor as the base.It doesnt overwrite the original object in any way.

Also many thanks to Jeza for always taking the time to inform us!

Written on 2011-06-26 22:22 by Armaholic  

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