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Requirements: Weapons dispersion

Version: 1.00
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Date: 2010-02-20 09:56

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Infantry Using Adjustable Dispersion Weapons

This addon gives AD (adjustable Dispersion) weapons to certain factions in the game.
This addon not create any new soldiers, it simply changes their weapons to AD weapons.
This allows for adjusting the dispersion factor on weapons for those particular units (Using Weapons Dispersion Addon) without adjusting all weapons in the game.
- Units included:
    -FR units (Force Recon)
    -RUS units (spetsnaz)
    -MVD Units (Russian Specialists)
    -GUE Units (Guerilla)
    -INS units (Insurgents/civilians w/guns)
- Gun classes that can be adjusted broken down into factions:
    -FR - M4 classes, DMR & MK48
    -RUS - Bizon classes, AKS classes & VSS Vintorez
    -MVD - AK-107 classes, Pecheneg & VSS Vintorez
    -GUE - AK-47 classes, AK-74 classes, Hunting Rifle, RPK, SVD & PK
    -INS - AK-47 classes, AK-74 classes, Hunting Rifle, RPK, SVD & PK
As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

Author notes:
- This addon will work properly with my Infantry Armor addon as well as my Infanrty Stealth and Recognition Skills addon
- Compatability with new unit addons would be determined by 2 things
1)Where the class cfgvehicle lineage the addon maker made the new unit inherit its information from
2)If the new unit has it's own weapons defined by the particular addon maker

Credits & Thanks:
BIS - For an game that both awesome and moddable.
Anyone who has helped me by answering questions or giving feedback.
As always the entire moding community- Without you all putting info out there and having your mods available for us this game would be a lot more empty.

- Initial release.

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- BI forums

- Weapons dispersion

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