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Air vehicles instruments & gauges - Open source

Each instrument has its selection which includes all parts, including animation axis. Those selections are named all UPPERCASE. So for copy/pasting, select this selection and you can be sure all needed parts will be copied.
Axis selections all start with "axis_..." (doh). Selections for animated parts should be self-explanatory.
In general all parts are animated. Only exclusion: knobs which don't help to identifiy a certain setting aren't animated yet. This said, the only animatible knob is the mode selector on the altimeter.

List of Gauges/Instruments:
- NOZ POS gauge
- FTIT gauge
- EPU fuel gauge
- Caution Panel
- Fuel gauge
- 2 MFD's (one with selection for animated compass/flight direction)
- RPM gauge
- Cabin pressure gauge
- Smaller backup ADI
- Clock
- Altimeter
- Airspeed indicator
- Hydraulic pressure gauge
- Oil temperature gauge
- Fuelflow
- AoA

I've created those instruments for the F-16 but maybe someone could use them for own projects. So I packed the most common instruments together in one p3d and release this as open source.

As before, everything is prepared to be animated. The MFD's are prepared to make use of hiddenselection feature.
The caution panel is prepared to use hide anims for the enlighten buttons.

As before, this is open source, you're free to do whatever you want. Just keep the credits right and offer any major rework (model and/or texture) to the public.

Cool, so this would get my plane finished!
No, not at all, but it will get you started. It is not meant as simple copy/paste thing. It surely needs some knowledge to get it finished.

Bah, so what is in then?
As said, the pack here contains the above listed instruments/gauges. This includes texture, named selections in the p3d for anims and also axis points for anims.

What knowledge do I need to get it finished then?
In O2:
Primarly copy/paste objects, scale objects and rotate.
In UV Editor:
Depending if you merge the included texture into your own textures (which i recommend) you should know how to copy/paste the selections from original texture to your re-edited own texture. In general copy/past, move and scale.
Texture editing:
Also here copy/paste the needed parts from the included texture to your textures.
You should know how to include animations into a model.cfg. Although all anims are prepared in the model, you need to define them in the model.cfg and, if there are anims with source "user", in the config.cpp.
Normal Maps, Specular Maps and RVMAT:
I thought about including all these things but i decided not to. Just because those files will have a significant effect on the appereance of the instruments and this should fit with the rest of the plane.
So you should be able (or have someone at hand) to create those files yourself.

Okay, got it so far. What support can I ask for?
Sorry, none. This is provided "as is" and as it is not a final addon it is up to you to include it into your project correctly. The instruments are free of problems so far although the .rpt shows some "cannot create ST..." messages but these are usually gone after binarizing and wont cause problems.

Well, they look good but actually they wont fit 100% into my plane.
It's open source. You can do with it what you want. Would replace the pointer? Go ahead. Prefer other textures? Be my guest and change them as you like.
Only thing i ask is for proper credits. See also end of this post. The other thing is, if you do some changes, please offer these reworked also to the public.

Credits & Thanks:
The models are made from scratch by myself.
Textures based upon imagery provided with kind permission of Gene Buckle by, created by Prohm "Rama" Snitwong.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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