WIP report - Finland at War 1939-1945
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Von Rundstedt released new screenshots on our forums showing the Finnish Military Police,I-16 Polikarpov,Soviet officer and the new snowing script.

Quote Von Rundstedt:
Lately I have been neglecting official forums when it comes to updates. Therefore it needs to be fixed.

First I-16 Polikarpov. It served as most common fighter for Soviet Union during Winter War. I-16 was more agile and faster than Fokker D.XXI due to its retracting gear. In mod they are on quite equal ground to make them more desirable in MP, however Polikarpov will be slightly faster.

This ingame screenshot features Finnish military police and Soviet snow camouflage officer.

And last, but not least. Visual looks of our snowing script, which will be previewed better at later point.
Click here to view

Oh and did I mention that Polikarpov is a dream to land?

8582-promo_i16.jpg 8582-coolland.jpg 8582-fww2_armashot_24.jpg

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Written on 2010-02-25 17:02 by Von Rundstedt  

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