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Date: 2010-02-27 12:55

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ArmA2 Single Player revive

Here's a pretty straight port of the revive scripts for SP. There's quite a few other code optimisations that could be done for the SP version but everything I've tried seems to be working so this will do for now. Eventually using this method it would be possible to make a one size fits all script that works in both single player and multiplayer.

One final thing, I've tried to make it more difficult to die from damage to your arms and legs so let me know if I need to tweak this aspect of the scripts further, whereas, head and body shots should hopefully work in an identical fashion to the way they work in vanilla ArmA2.

The readMe containing instructions for using the script in your missions is in the archived mission folder.

If want to use the parameter option for selecting the number of revives then comment out or delete the line in the revive_init.sqf that looks like this:
_max_respawns = 10;
and use the line that appears above this line without the comments, it should look like this:
_max_respawns = (paramsArray select 1);
I've done this so you can preview in the editor without the associated description.ext problems.

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