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Version: 1.00
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Date: 2010-03-01 21:30

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AI Dispersion for Mounted MG's


This addon allows the user to set the AI dispersion for all mounted MG's in the game, both static and on vehicles.
The addon will not affect the dispersion for any MG being fired by a Human controlled unit. It only affects AI, both enemy and freindly.
It comes with an HPP file that goes into the userconfig folder, which is where the dispersion adjustments are made (instructions are located in this file).
The variable being modified is aiDispersionCoef, which allows the user to set AI dispersion for a weapon without affecting overall weapon dispersion.
The aiDispersionCoef is a multiplier of the weapons dispersion value. See formula and example below:

***Formula - dispersion * aiDispersionCoef = Total AI Dispersion...Example for M134 - .0017(disp) * 15.0(coef) = .0255(total AI Dispersion)

We always recomment to use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for how to do it.
Install the userconfig folder into your arma2 directory (if one does not exist then your just need to copy the userconfig folder in zip file).

Included files:

- Initial release

Credits & Thanks:
BIS - For this awesome Game.
Anyone who has helped me by answering qestions or giving feedback.
As always the entire moding community- Without you all putting info out there and having your mods available for us this game would be a lot more empty.You all
have inspired me to want to make my mods. Thank you all.

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