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Requirements: 31st Normandy Mod patch 1 & 2 & 3

Version: .99 beta
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Date: 2010-03-04 12:26

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31st Normandy Mod

This mod is a community driven effort to bring World War Two to ArmA2. Our team and our contributors have spent countless hours creating content for this mod so our community can have some World War Two fun. Please have respect for us. Many of us have large families and full time work. Some of our models are highly detailed and deserve high praises while other models are low quality. We don't count anything or anyone out simply because everyone deserves a chance to contribute. WE APPRECIATE ALL THE FINE EFFORTS OF EVERYONE THAT HAS GIVEN THEIR TIME FOR THIS MOD.

Our goal with this Beta release: To refine our mod and improve it so everyone can enjoy it.

I will not be listing any items or classes of this mod as they will change before the official 1.00 release.

*IF you're interested in building a wiki for our mod, please contact us. Were looking for a detailed oriented person that will break open all our pbo's and list all our classes. and build a decent wiki.

What you get:
A huge map, some smaller maps, a LOT of stuff from some awesome people.

We always recommend to use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for how to do it.

Included files:


Videos by maggotsic

Known Issues:
This is a beta release. There are many bugs. The idea of the release is to root them all out and to give missions access to build missions and submit them. There are several known issues such as Aqu_RR_buildings will throw up a config.bin error. Aqu_RR_buildings have non-functioning doors at the moment. You may receive an rvmat error while accessing the BF109 in the 31stWC class. Not all infantry weapons have the same sound sources...For example, some German infantry's K98 rifle may sound different from others. Some weapons do not have proper tracer presentation, some weapons that should have tracers do not.

Some models contain improper geometric specifications and contain texture or other errors. The map is not representive of accurate WW2 conditions. It is just a multiplayer map. Your frame rates may drop in certain areas of the map due to high vegetation or high poly count from other models.

Spawning some models equiped with AI can and will cause a crash. The bofors40mm gun in an example of that. I highly recommend experimenting or spawning empty vehicles for those that have this issue, and crewing them after the vehicle is spawned empty into the game. *IF and AS you find them, please take note and submit a list to our mod team.

The map is incomplete. There are train stations, however the railroad tracks are not in. There are some beach areas that contain obstacles. They can be removed so mission builders can build their own custom missions around them. That will be up to the community for future releases.

If you are a mission builder, please submit your missions to via msn live messenger or email. Your missions will be added to the mod and you will be given credit. If you have custom terrain objects, or other models for custom missions, please submit them and your work will be added.

Credits & Thanks:
Mod team members: Aqu, T-roc, Beton, Agamoth, Vilas, Alper, Enigma, Aeneas2020

Community contributors (including addons from ArmA1 carried to this mod): Burner, AST_Walker, stubblehopper, JohnsART, wld427, FF sTudios, Band of Brothers, The FEW, project RACS, HIFI fx, STALKERGB.

If I forgot your credits, please beat me over the head with a rail road tie. I did this in a rush today and it can always be added later.

*What your allowed to do:
Modify any of the content such as textures, or configurations and submit them for patch or subsequent releases of this mod. We can add them to the mod while we keep the original content with your credits displayed as the modification author.

***What your not allowed to do:
Re-release any content of the mod on your own. All modifications must be submitted to our mod team and re-released in subsequent official additions/patches to this mod through our team.

Forums Topic:
- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

- 31st Normandy Mod patch 1
- 31st Normandy Mod patch 2

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