Author: Mr. Bravo
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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Core, Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Extra, Community Base Addons, Arma 2

Version: public beta
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod adds different infantry units, weapons and vehicles of the Swedish Army to your Combined Operations game.

Date: 2013-01-30 11:14

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Swedish Army Mod (SAM)

SAM Studios

Swedish units and gear
We try to bring out all ideas about Swedish stuff that are possible in ArmA2. Soldiers, weapons and combat-vehicles, but also more random stuff like buildings, bunkers, camouflaged-nets, civilan stuff, and static objects that can be of interest for serious mission-editors. The only two demands we have on our content is that it should somehow be connected to Swedish military scenarios, and be of a certain quality to match the game.
This also means that we actually dont have any detailed plans of how the mod will end up and what it will contain. We will always be open for new and more ideas. In other words, there will always be something to work on!

Modern graphic quality of the content
Sure, good looking graphics isnt everything in a game, but it damn sure adds a massive touch of atmosphere and realism that we all want in our favourite games! All the content of SAM will be of good quality that matches the graphics of ArmA 2 (Some place-holders might occur though). This means that we will avoid porting stuff straight from OPF and ArmA1. Instead we look for people who are willing to contribute with new or updated content, no matter if it's a simple retex of an ammo-box, or a whole new setup of soldier-models. All work and contributions are appreciated, encouraged and noted!

Begin small, end epic
Even if we're happy to recieve just about anything that is connected to Swedish stuff, we of course still have priorities. Right now at the beginning our focus is mainly to build up a complete and useful set of infantry with any gear they might use. As these things get finished, and we get more people working on the project, we will move focus to transports and simpler vehicles, and then heavy armored vehicles and air. Basicly it's all about finishing what you started, to avoid ending up with a mod that just contains a lot of unfinished stuff.

Full support for ACE2
One of the major reasons to why we started this project is because we wanted our Swedish units to use as much of the awesomeness of ACE2 as possible. In other words, ACE2 will be required to run SAM as it's intended to.
We will do our best to keep SAM updated with the latest functionality of ACE2, and make sure they run smoothly together.

Open development
We will have as active communication with the community as possible on several different forums, and always seek feedback on the contents of SAM. Praise or hate us, just come with something informative so we can either improve or explain ourselves. Experienced "war-junkies" with special requests or faults to point out are especially welcome to come with detailed feedback. Since ArmA2 is a "simulator", we want our stuff to be as realistic as possible to match the gameplay.
We will show and inform about our latest work as often as possible, and what's being planned in the nearest future. Questions are answered and we will try to be as accurate as possible with future release-dates.
The Swedish ArmA2-clan SSG will however work as our main base for testing and discussions. If you dont speak swedish, then this is our international official thread for any related discussions. We will update both places with just about the same information.

- HKP16 (Blackhawk)
- HKP10B
- C130 Hercules
- Various variants of PatGB360 (Patria AMV)
- 3 completly new soldier models
- Ghillie suits
- Pilots and Gunners
- Vehicle Crew
- AK5C
- AK5D
- AK5E
- AK4
- KSP90
- KSP90B
- KSP58
- AG90
- G36
- PSG 10
- RB57
- GRG M/86
- SGR90
- CHGR96
- Falken SUAV
- 4 variants of combatbag 2000
- Unique buddy-reload systems for KSP58 & GRG (Multiplayer)
- Unique fuse-system for GRG ammunition
- New special GRG ammunition
- New special KSP58 ammunition
- Swedish flag

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

For serious people we have also put an experimental ACRE “Combatbag 2000″ in an optional folder within @SAM\Addons\Optional, which contains two files that will have to be copied into your @SAM\Addons-folder in order to be available ingame. Use this ONLY if you are using ACRE!

Also, documentation is available in your @SAM-folder, which contains a PDF-document for how to use Falken SUAV and KSP58 buddyreload. Credits-file contain a list of content, classnames, credits and contact, anything you should need.

Included files:


Bugs/Known issues:
Bug Reporting should be done on our website:

Credits & Thanks:
The SAM Team:
Mr. Bravo aka Tobe - Project leader, modeller, texturer, animation rigging, media.
Stiltman - Coder, implementation, animation, webmaster.
Nordin - Coder, scripter, implementation.
Zsalheden - Modeller, texturer.
Mattan aka Matte54 - Noob-modeller, editor-Guru, webmaster.

The awesome list of credits to any contributors (Please contact me if you know we forgot anyone):
HKP10: Operation Frenchpoint

G36, KSP58, KSP90 and KSP90b
Models: Vilas
Textures (G36) BIS

Models: OOPz
Textures: OOPz, da12thmonkey (UKF)
CPP Programming: da12thMonkey (UKF)
Sounds: Messiah (UKF), da12thMonkey (UKF)
Hand anims: da12thMonkey (UKF)
Model.cfg: TeRp (BWMOD), Rock (RKSL Studios)
Testing and bug fixing: OOPz, UKF team, VOLCBAT
bipod folding script: norrin (AAW)
ACE 2 sight adjustment
calibration: Q1184 (ACE)
Special Thanks: Jonny (UKF),
Rock (RKSL Studios),
Gordo (Accuracy International),
Tony Hoare (Plain Military),
Australians At War mod team,

SF soldiers
Generic SF addon Nixo
Models Johannes

Model and config BIS

Model and config BIS

Model and config BIS

Model Christian.1987 & Fallschirmjäger

GRG m86
Model, textures The Sunn

AK5 /GRT/Aimpoint
Model, textures Gustav Embretsen

AK5 sound Plöen

Help with animated AK5c magazine. HD Läppli from Switzerland Mod
Help with AK5c handgrip animations Norrin from Australians at War

Special thanks
SSG Clan - Testing, active feedback and forums

public beta

Forums Topic:
- BI forums
- (Swedish)

- Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Core
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Extra
- Community Base Addons
- Arma 2

- A.C.R.E - Advanced Combat Radio Environment (only if you are using ACRE! See installation notes!)

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