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Requirements: No addons required

Version: Beta

Short description: Player can call in a medevac chopper, heal itself and his squad and send back the medevac chopper to call it later

Date: 2010-08-10 10:18

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Medevac Module Script

Script version of the Medevac Module addon which permits with only a simple Module to put in your mission to make the player to be able to call in a medevac chopper, heal itself and his squad and send back the medevac chopper to call it later.
Is now MP compatible.

After the release of version 0.18 new features are present in the module:

- Now if you put in editor a Game Logic and synchronize it with the Medevac Module the chopper will spawn
at the Game Logic's location. If you call in the chopper it will take off from the Game Logic's position, come to you, make all the things above and when you send it the order to RTB it will return to the Game Logic's position and land so you can use the Medevac call not only to healing you and your teammates but even to
return to base via the Medevac chopper. The Game Logic can be putted, for example, in a base camp.

- Now, if you return in FOB via Medevac during a mission, you get an action 'Reinsert' that permit you to
be reinserted via Medevac's vehicle by clicking on the map.

- To add your own units to be spawned instead vanilla's one you need to modify the corrispondent array in the ArmA 2\userconfig\MM\unit_array.hpp

- now you can activate/deactivate sounds (thanks Thedog88!) of the Medevac module by changing the corrispondent global variable in the unit_array.hpp

- if you use the Medevac Module without the Game Logic synchronized to it, you can put, in the mission editor, a marker named MM_MKR1 so the chopper (or vehicle) will spawn (and disappear when it return after the Medevac action) in that position instead the default position (at the bottom left of the map). In this way you can make a faster Medevac arrival.


Video by Thirdup (Thanks!)

Credits & thanks:
Thanks CyOp for the idea and support
Thanks DMarwick for the supprt and tranlsation in sidechat text
Thanks Thedog88 for his incredibly sounds
Thanks all the ArmA 2 community
Thanks BIS for ArmA series

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- BI forums

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