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I44_John from the Invasion 1944 has sent us some screenshots of their mod taken during the mission "Invasion".

Quote I44_John :
In the following two newsposts, we're going to be giving you a preview of two of our multiplayer missions that will be featured in the D-Day project port. The second mission to be previewed is "I44_TeamCoop_Verloren_8_12", but right now, it's time for Invasion!
"Invasion" is a 1-32 player COOP mission created by Pac (mission-design and scripting) and SFG (music).

Your objective:
D-Day Omaha Beach, Easy Red Sector, players must breach the sea wall and secure a foothold on the beach. After clearing the beach defenses along the bluff, push inland and secure several towns defended by dug-in German infantry in well prepared positions to kick off the Allied advance into Normandy.

4-i44_10032010_1.jpg 4-i44_10032010_10.jpg 4-i44_10032010_11.jpg
4-i44_10032010_2.jpg 4-i44_10032010_3.jpg 4-i44_10032010_4.jpg
4-i44_10032010_5.jpg 4-i44_10032010_6.jpg 4-i44_10032010_7.jpg

Make sure to visit the Invasion 1944 website for all the latest news!

Written on 2010-03-10 19:24 by Pac  

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