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Requirements: Everon, Fast Rope Addon (included)
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Version: 1.04

Date: 2010-03-20 05:24

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Swordfish Trilogy

You're a member of SEAL Team 6 aboard the USS Khe San. In the three missions you are operating behind enemy lines, capturing a Russian General, destroying air defenses and destroying a crashlanded Seahawk.

The Swordfish Trilogy was originally created by [EAP]King 6 for Operation Flashpoint (the original!) Famous Avon Lady modified and fixed the missions in 2003 so they work with the 1.3 version. Finally I spent a couple of weeks converting the missions to ArmA2 using Sgt. Ace Everon. I tried to keep the missions as close to the original as possible but using some new features from ArmA2, exchanged scripts with more actual ones and in case of Swordfish III, moved the mission from Kolgujev to Everon. Each of the missions has a lot of enemy patrols so you may need a decent system to run them lagfree. For the patrols I'm using Kronzkys UPS instead of waypoints which make the missions more random. All missions have weapon selection and using the first aid modules.

Place the pbo file in your ArmA2\Missions folder for the singleplayer version.
Place the pbo file in your ArmA2\MPMissions folder for the coop version.

The missions are supposed to be played as Singleplayer, however I made all slots playable so in theory you should be able to play them as Coop for up to 10 players as well.

- Added donekey
- Added END3 trigger (whole team dead)
- Removed the AAVs (Eyecandy only and boat #2 collided with them
- Fixed time of day
- Some objects on LHD removed
- Insertion tweaked
- New unload script

- Marines transport is set to captive until they unload their cargo

- Marines paradrop into the area now, they also paradrop if damage of their transport > 0.25
- Added two AT teams as counterpart for the 3 LAVs
- Smaller unit/vehicle changes I won't mention so I don't spoil the fun :)

- Fixed the problem where Gunship call (Alpha) disappears when using Artillery
- Raised the flying altitude of all helos/planes to make sure they don't crash
- Fixed missing semicolon in the attack helicopter call script
- Moved required helicopters and planes off the carrier

- Added donekey
- New unload script
- Changed time to 19:50

- Added the ending triggers I forgot (epic fail here)

- Fixed wrong name of the wrecked helicopter causing the mission never succeeds

- Added donekey
- New unload script
- Moved insertion point to the south with more open space

Credits & Thanks:
- Norrin for quickly making me a rope transport and paradrop addon/script.
- Kronzky for his UPS script and converting my scripts to sqf.
- MrMurray for his artillery script (which I converted to sqf).
- toadlife for his original random weather script.
- ArMaTeC for his LHD spawner.
- [EAP]King 6 and Avon Lady for the original missions.

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- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

- Everon
- Fast Rope Addon (included)

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