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X-02 Wyvern

The name "Wyvern" refers to a flying serpent that is often depicted in family crests and national coats of arms in many European countries. It is often characterized as having a pair of bird-like legs, one pair of wings, and a barbed tail.
The X-02 shares its name with the real Westland Wyvern, a post-WWII British carrier-borne turboprop aircraft that saw limited action during the Korean War and Suez Campaign.

    - CBU-104 Gator WCMD Mine Dispenser The CBU-89 Gator Mine, a 1,000-pound cluster munition containing antitank and antipersonnel mines, consists of a SUU-64 Tactical Munitions Dispenser with 72 antitank mines, 22 antipersonnel mines, and an optional FZU-39 proximity sensor. Mine arming begins when the dispenser opens. Mine detonation is initiated by target detection, mine disturbance, low battery voltage, and a self-destruct time-out.
    The antitank mine is a magnetic sensing submunition effective against tanks and armored vehicles. The antipersonnel mine has a fragmenting case warhead triggered by trip wires. The US Air Force employed 1,105 CBU-89s during the Gulf War.
    The Gator mine system provides a means to emplace minefields on the ground rapidly using high-speed tactical aircraft. The minefields are used for area denial, diversion of moving ground forces, or to immobilize targets to supplement other direct attack weapons.

    - AGM-154C Joint Standoff Weapon [JSOW] JSOW-C
    The Navy-only variant of JSOW is the AGM-154C. The JSOW Unitary (AGM-154C) variant has a terminal seeker, Autonomus Target Acquisition (ATA) capability, and a unitary warhead to enable the attack of blast/fragmentation targets. The JSOW Unitary will provide increased accuracy and lethality and the capability for aimpoint selection.
    The Unitary Systems Development and Demonstration (SD&D) program develops the terminal seeker and ATA capbility, and integrates these with a 500 lb class "Unitary" warhead, the British Royal Augmentation Charge (BROACH) Multiple Warhead System (MWS).
    The AGM-154C, in addition to the common GPS/INS guidance, will use an autonomous imaging infrared seeker for target acquisition and terminal guidance. The JSOW-C incorporates a Raytheon-developed uncooled, long-wave infrared seeker with ATA algorithms, thus providing the Navy with a launch-and-leave weapon with standoff precision strike capability.
    The BROACH MWS provides blast/fragmentation effects as well as enhanced penetration capability against hard point targets. The Broach warhead, consisting of an augmenting charge and a follow-through bomb, can be set to explode both warheads simultaneously or sequentially. The AGM-154C is designed to attack point targets vulnerable to blast and fragmentation effects and point targets vulnerable to penetration, such as industrial facilities, logistical systems, and hardened facilities. BROACH MWS development and integration risk is reduced significantly by the on going BROACH developmental efforts of the United Kingdom Storm Shadow Program, the JSOW Foreign Warhead Comparative Testing previously conducted, and the early provisioning for BROACH in the JSOW Unitary Roadmap.
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Naoyuki, original OFP Wyvern version author.

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