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UK_Force informed in our forums that Project Reality Studio team is close to release his first work in the ArmA series.

Quote UK_Force :
The award-winning Project Reality Studio team are proud to announce that the official first release of v0.1 of the Project Reality ArmA2 Mini-Mod will be coming very soon. Although we are now moving into the Beta Testing stage, we think the time is right to inform the community of what will be coming to you very shortly. Project Reality will enter the ArmA2 battlefield for the first time!

3-project_reality_01.jpg 3-project_reality_02.jpg 3-project_reality_03.jpg

Our main aim for PR:ArmA2 is:

"To create a realistic and immersive modification for ArmA2, which focuses on encouraging teamwork through gameplay"

Mirroring Project Reality's original goal, the British Army are featured strongly in this initial release, with a Taliban opposition all set on a beautiful Afghanistan-themed map, created by [R-DEV]DeanosBeano.

3-project_reality_04.jpg 3-project_reality_05.jpg 3-project_reality_06.jpg

The advantages of using a more modern graphical environment really shows off the original PR art assets to their full potential - you'll look at the Scimitar, Challenger and all the others in a whole new light! [R-DEV]StalkerGB has put in many hours working on the infantry models and his work can be seen in all its glory. Ever up-to-date, we even bring you the new British MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern) uniforms announced by the Ministry of Defence last month!

As you would expect from any Project Reality development, gameplay improvements will feature strongly. These will take some time to get to where we want, however there have already been changes made to reflect PR-style gameplay, courtesy of [R-DEV]Dr_Eyeball, who has brought over his Devastation Mod to the project. This will form the basis of PR:ArmA2 gameplay.

-From concept to creation
The original concept came from [R-DEV]UK_Force over 9 months ago; the aim was to create a modification of ArmA2 in line with the Project Reality vision, bringing PR-style gameplay to the Real Virtuality 3 engine. This project has finally overcome the first hurdle towards becoming a reality with its first release, due soon. The team has drawn on some of the finest ArmA2 modders and developers, and following their amalgamation production, started in earnest with work going on behind the scenes to make this happen before official

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Project Reality WIP topic.

Written on 2010-03-12 13:00 by UK_Force  

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