SP & Coop mission : Pest Control by AnimalMother92 updated

AnimalMother92 informed us he released a new version of this mission, which can be played in coop or singleplayer.

Quote AnimalMother92 :
Pest Control finally makes its way to OA

  • Combined Ops support
  • Added custom loading screen
  • AI will turn on their IR strobes and lasers
  • ACE stamina system disabled
  • Improved briefing
  • Added unique tasks for pilots
  • Added ACE spectator system for MP
  • Briefing works after respawn in MP
  • New loadouts including Burst-fire M4s
  • Earplugs work after respawn/teamswitch
  • Removed long extraction
  • Updated patrol scripts
  • Improved overview
  • Added multiple caches hidden in random locations

Written on 2010-10-30 06:13 by AnimalMother  

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