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Requirements: Extended Init Event Handler, Extended eventhandlers (xeh)

Version: Beta
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Date: 2010-03-21 12:37

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MLV - Support
Malvinas Mod Team

This contains all different Heavy and support weapons of the Campaña de Malvinas Mod.

Check our FAQ for a clear explanation about using modfolders.

Included files:

-In each addon, we added the credits of the people who helped (and continue helping us) including the rights of every addonmaker who facilitated to us his models

-This is only a BETA release.

-In MLV_Support are some bugs that we already know (in Oto Melara 105mm, L118 Light Gun and Roland AA), but we decided to release it anyway. We are working to fix that bugs.

We want to say THANKS to each person who helped us in ANY form in realisation of this mod. We know the ArmA1 game is a little "old" but, as we promised, we want to released this mod FIRST for ArmA1.

Credits & Thanks:
VILAS: For his weapons and units models and his constant help.
CBFASI: For the permission to use the models created by him for the "1982:FLASHPOINT IN THE FALKLANDS" Mod for Operation Flashpoint.
EQUIPO "1982: FLAHSPOINT IN THE FALKLANDS": For the permission to use the models created by them for
"1982:Flashpoint in the Falklands" mod for Operation Flashpoint.
Col.Klink: For the permission to use the models created by him for the "1982:FLASHPOINT IN THE FALKLANDS" Mod for Operation Flashpoint.
YacieK: For his Combat Pilots models.
Arremba San Zorzo and Pedagne Mod: For his beret, Helmet, balaclava and MG Belts models.
CimaleX: For his constant help and testing of the models and his conection with other projects who makes easy the progress of our mod.
NicholasBell (Honorary Member): For the creation of the maps.
Giorgio Cesarini: For his recoil system of the Support Weapons and his help for the Support Weapons Config.cpp.
ObmaR: For his weapons models.
OuMatroos: For his weapons models.
Bush Wars Conflict Mod: For his "Alouette", "PUMA" and "Mirage III" models Solus y XEH (SLX Mod): For the Eventhandlers.
LoBo: For his night-vision for rifle.
Soldier2390(Dave): For his constant help to conect with other projects and for his model of "C-130 Hercules".
NZDF Crash: For his "C-130 Hercules" and "A-4 Skyhawk" model.
PRACS Mod: For his constant help, and for the textures and materials of some models ("Chinook", "Mirage III", "Super Etendard",etc).

Snd a special thanks to:
“Conflicto de Malvinas” Team: For all the work done in the mod of Operation Flashpoint by Cazadores de Monte clan.

This list is not 100% Complete because each of our collaborators has helped us in so many other ways. We just put
the most sustantial things. Each member named previously, possesses ALL the RIGHTS of the original models. The
CAMPAÑA DE MALVINAS MOD only uses these models under the conditions granted by each of his owners.

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Extended Init Event Handler
Extended eventhandlers (xeh)

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