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Chaffs Example
This example was created for ArmaHolic by DarkXess - Original Source VIPER

It is to show how simple "Script Snippets" or "Modules" etc are easy to set up for missions makers
by using and showing in the example form in which it was created.

Here im going to show you how to use Chaffs on an AI Chopper using waypoints and script.

How to use "Chaff Example"

Place a player on the ground first. Then place a BLUFOR CH-47F (my example, though you can use your own)
and have it as "special = flying" Anywhere on the map is ok.
And its name "heli1" and then put the following in the init box:

{this addMagazineTurret ["60Rnd_CMFlareMagazine",[-1]];} forEach [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8];

Then give it a waypoint with the "On Act" as this:

null = this execVM "flare.sqf";

That is all you need, now press preview and you will see the chopper go to the waypoint and shoot
its chaffs like you made it to do.

DownLoad the Example Mission!
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Updated: Friday 18th of March 2011 08:15 AM,  Asked By: DarkXess,  viewed 6081 times