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Simple IED Example
This example was created for ArmaHolic by DarkXess.

It is to show how simple "Script Snippets" or "Modules" etc are easy to set up for missions makers
by using and showing in the example form in which it was created.

How to use "Simple IED Example"

To start off with, this IED is a script for a 50/50 chance on it blowing up or you defusing it!
Like the title says, "simple" and simple it is.

To use it, just simply put this:

this addaction ["Defuse","Defuse.sqf"]

In to the init of any object/car/etc...

Then make a "Defuse.sqf" with this inside:

_object = _this select 0;
_type = typeof _object;

if (_object isKindOf "ied") exitWith {};

_object removeAction 0;

hint "Attempting To Defuse";
sleep 2;
Hint "Defusing.";
sleep 2;
Hint "Defusing..";
sleep 2;
Hint "Defusing...";
sleep 2;
if ((random 10) <=5) then {bomb="Bo_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [(getPos _object select 0),(getPos _object select 1),0]} else {Hint "Defused!!!"};

The .sqf needs to be in your mission folder for it to work.

Thats it! simple IED script ready to use.

Simple IED Example
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Updated: Sunday 10th of June 2012 10:05 AM,  Asked By: DarkXess,  viewed 2800 times