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Custom Sounds and Chat Messages
To have pre made messages which you can use in MP games, just do the following:

    a) Add a folder called 'Sound' to your profile folder
        WinXP: "...My Documents\Arma (or Arma Other Profiles)\Sound"
        Vista & 7: "C:Users\UserName\Documents\ArmA Other Profiles\PlayerName\Sound"

      Arma 2:
        WinXP: "...My Documents\ArmA 2\Sound"
        Vista & 7: "C:Users\UserName\Documents\ArmA 2\Sound"

    b) Add your recorded *.ogg sound files to this folder. Keep them very small (50kb filesize limit).

    c) The name of the file also becomes the text message displayed in chat (easily supports 80+ chars). The name displayed in the menu is quite limited (approx 20 chars).
How to use:
  • Press 0-9 to get to your Custom Chat Messages.
  • Select the message you want to send.

NOTE: If you just want messages with no sound, you can create zero length (text) files like "Requesting AT Support.ogg" and they will still display.

Known restrictions
  • Filesize: max. 50 KB (beside possible server-side restrictions)
  • Filetype: OGG
  • Number of custom sounds: max. 10

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