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TeamSpeak 2
First of all, of course, you need the TS2 program. Get it from , you just need the TeamSpeak 2 Client.

Once you have downloaded the client just proceed to its installation. When its done you can start with the config of TS2, just follow these steps and you will be able to connect to our server and get in touch with the rest of ghostaholics.

a) Start the TS2 program and click on Connection and then select Connect:


b) Right click in any part of the white box, select Add Server and give it the name Ghostaholic:


c) Fill these fields with the info you can see in this picture:


   and then click in Connect

d) To configurate the program click on Settings and select Sound Input/Output Settings:


Select Push to Talk, then click on SET and press the key/mouse button you want to use to start/stop talking. When you press that button you can start the conversation and when you release it the comms will end.
Also you can change the Output volume in case people cant hear you or you sound too loud.


e) To continue with the setup click on Settings and select Options:


   Under the Sound Devices tab be sure you have selected your sound card.


   In the Sound notifications tab you can disable all sounds if you want (i did).

f) Now you can start using the program, remember that some "channels" have password so you can not access them. If you want to enter those channels please contact us.
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Created: Thursday 12th of October 2006 05:01 PM,  Submitted by: Big,  viewed 2851 times