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Ventrilo Keybinds
We will use the keybinds options available at ventrilo to improve our game experience and the communications during the Armed Assault gaming sessions.

Once we have connected to the ventrilo server we follow these steps:

a) Create a new keybind set: Click in the arrow on the right of Binds, then new user and type "Armaholic Public", as shown in the picture.


b) Adding keybinds: First we select the "Function" we want to use for the keybind, in this case we select Switch Channels. Then we type the channel we want to jump in when pressing a keybind, we type "Armed Assault public/Alpha" and in the Bind Key field we enter the key we will use, in this case we will use the NUMPAD1 (the number 1 in the numerical keypad). After that we click on Add.

      3-bindings-02.png 3-bindings-03.png

We have to repeat this process 3 more times to create 3 more switching channels keybinds:
    - "Armed Assault public/Bravo" ---> NUMPAD2 - "Armed Assault public/Charlie" ---> NUMPAD3
    - "Armed Assault public" ---> NUMPAD0
As you can see we have created one for each team subchannel and one extra for the main channel.

When we have created all we click on OK to save all the configuration.

c) Extra keybind set for Armaholic Private Channels (Only for *El nino* and [WTF] members): We again click on the right arrow for Binds. But this time we select the Armed Assault Public one and click on CLONE. We give the name "Armed Assault Private" to the new one, as we can see in the picture.


After that all we have to do is select one by one the keybind already created/cloned, change the channel we want to switch to and click UPDATE after each channel name change. In this table we can see the correspondences:
    - NUMPAD0 ---> "Ghostaholic/Armed Assault"
    - NUMPAD1 ---> "Ghostaholic/Armed Assault/Alpha"
    - NUMPAD2 ---> "Ghostaholic/Armed Assault/Bravo"
    - NUMPAD3 ---> "Ghostaholic/Armed Assault/Charlie"

Now since we have 2 different keybinds set we can edit both to add a new keybind which allows us to change between those sets without having to alt+tab the game to do it manually.
We select this time the function Switch Bindings. Then we select the keybind set we want to switch to when pressing the keybind in the box below the functions menu. And finally in the Bind Key field we enter the key we will use, in this case we will use the DECIMAL (the "point" in the numerical keypad). After that we click on Add.


We have to repeat this for the other keybind set, so we use the "DECIMAL" keybind for switching between Keybind sets.

d) How to use them: Just when you connect to the server select the keybind set desired in the Binds menu as shown in the picture.


NOTE 1: When you are not playing or using the keybinds set is better not to select any, just select None in the Bindings menu.
NOTE 2: The keybinds used are not obligatory ones, you can use the ones you want as far as you keep the same channel names.We decide to use the keypad keys since they are not normally used on Armed Assault.
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