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How to sign your addons and mods
Signing the addons and mods for Arma 3 you release to the public to use is really simple.
By providing the addons and mods signed serveradmins can easily add (allow) your owk on their servers and people do not have to go out and search for signed versions of the works.
If you do not sign your work serveradmins have to sign your work themselves and this results in numerous different versions floating around on the internet makeing it difficult for people to find the correct version to use online.

So, use the following easy guide to sign your work!
  1. Download the Arma 3 Tools package on Steam
  2. Launch Arma 3 Tools for the first time. (If you don't already have it)
  3. Create and mount your P: drive. Its easy the Tools pretty much do it for you!
  4. Open Arma 3 tools.
  5. Open "Addon Builder".
  6. The first box in the Addon Builder is the File Path to the folder being processed into .pbo. Look for and select the file.
  7. Second box is the Path where the output .pbo will be placed. I made a folder specifically for this on my desktop called "Addon Building"
  8. There are Three check boxes "Clear Temp Folder" is the onlyone that should be checked. Leave "Create Signatures" and "Binarize" unchecked!
  9. 9
  10. Click Pack, after it packs the file it should pop up another box that says "Build Successful". Boom you have your Mod.pbo.

That takes about 5-25 minutes (depending on download speed) if you haven't done it yet.

The following steps are for making your "Private Key" to create these signatures:
  1. Open up ARMA 3 Tools
  2. Open up DSSignFile
  3. Click DSCreateKey
  4. Input the name for your key (make sure to choose a unique name)
  5. Click CreateKey
  6. You now have your Private Key to Sign mods with. Never share or distribute this private key! They are kept in your DSSignFile Folder inside the ARMA 3 tools directory.
  7. The key you share is named," your_chosen_name.bikey" (the private key you never share or distribute is called "your_chosen_name.biprivatekey" ).Again, never share or distribute the Private one!

The following steps are for signing the mod you just created above:
  1. Open Arma 3 Tools
  2. Open DSSignFile, this opens a second pop up. select DSSignfile again.
  3. The first box in DSSignFile is the path to the .pbo you wish to sign. Browse to your newly created .pbo and select it.
  4. The second box it the path to your Key. The key is kept in the DSSignFile folder with in the ARMA 3 Tools Directory. Created earlier.
  5. With those two files selected in the appropriate boxes, click "Sign File" button.
  6. The newly created .pbo from above is now properly signed. Its That easy.

The original guide was written by Lordprimate on the BI forums and posted here with his permission.

More information:
Ask questions about signing your own Arma 3 addons and mods here: How to sign your addons and mods
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