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Open ghosthawk doors based on altitude
Script written by Wyattwic.
Here is a neat little snipplet that will open ghosthawk doors based on altitude.

Add the following in the vehicle init:
null = [this] execvm "ghosthawkdoors.sqf"; 

Here is the ghosthawkdoors.sqf:
_unit = _this select 0;
_doorstate = false;
while {alive _unit} do {
        _alt = getposatl _unit select 2;

        // If under 10 altitude and doors are already closed, open them.
        if ((_alt <= 10) && !(_doorstate)) then {
            _unit animateDoor ['door_R', 1]; 
            _unit animateDoor ['door_L', 1];
            _doorstate = true;

        // If over 10 altitude and doors are open then close them.
        if ((_alt > 10) && (_doorstate)) then {
            _unit animateDoor ['door_R', 0]; 
            _unit animateDoor ['door_L', 0]; 
            _doorstate = false;
        //Slow the script down some.  This is not a critical loop.
        sleep 7;

This setup assumes that the doors are closed on start by default, as BIS had them set.

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Updated: Thursday 16th of October 2014 10:50 AM,  Asked By: Foxhound,  viewed 3119 times