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How do I use/make custom faces
To use a custom in game face / logo, they must accomplish a series of points:

* Custom Face:
    1: Must follow the lines of this image (or it will look weird):

    2: Must be in one of these formats: 1024X1024 - 512X512 - 256X256.

    3: Must weight less than 100kb (otherwise it will only work in single player).

    4: Must be in .jpg or .paa format.

    5: Must be named face.

    6: Must be placed in your profile's folder (if is the main profile then in the main ArmA folder if it's another one then in my documents).
If all these steps are accomplished, you can select your face under the voice "Custom Face" in the faces list.

In case your face looks very pale you might have an ATI card (Custom face textures in Arma 2) and should convert the face.jpg to paa.

How to convert JPG to PAA
    1. Save the picture as TGA/32-bits per pixel in photoshop or any other program.
    2. Download Texview 2 and install it.
    3. Open the TGA file in Texview you downloaded and installed in step 2 and save it as "face.paa" in "My Documents/Arma 2".
    Remember to remove the "face.jpg" if it is still in that folder!

Also, make sure to check the file size, most likely it'll be way more than 100kb which is too much for a custom face. You need to re-open the jpg/paa and resize it to 256x256 (if it was 512x512).

You can find a .psd template on
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