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Having a Mod/Addon/Script/Mission hosted at
If you have created a mod/addon/script and you want to have it hosted at this is the process to do it:

a) Navigate to the section where you submission will belong and click the "Submit a new entry" link. This can be found above the list of already available items. After that, a new page will open with a submission form. To help you in the process of filling all the fields and info read these guidelines: How to submit a file.

b) Maybe you are wondering how can i post the link if i cant host it?, there are few options you can use:
    - Using our FTP:
      FTP server :
      Username :
      Password : Contact Foxhound to ask for the pass!

    When the file is uploaded, the web address for this will be something like :

    Don't use spaces in file names !!

    - Using free cloud space: so you upload first the file there, for example:
    - Using free hosting sites: so you upload first the mod there, for example:
    - Using email: If the addon is not so large maybe you can send it through your mail account, use any of these mail addresses:
      - Staff email: - Foxhound:
Notice this is not the best option due to the amount of mails dealt with on daily basis.

c) When we have all this info (including the link) we will add it to our database and we will create an entry in our Download section, so everybody will be able to download your addon/mission/script. We will also update the topic about the addon/mission/script.

d) Additionally, and in order to get feedback (other than through comments on the download page) you can start a new topic in the right forum with the following info:
    - Topic's name: New addon/script: YOUR_ADDON-SCRIPT_NAME.
    - Link: Give us the link for the addon/script and we will download it and then upload it to our database.
    - Info: Please post the "readme" info of the addon/script.
    - Screenshots: If you have any SS post them (you can use your FileSpace at armaholic for hosting the SS).
We will update the first post with all the info provided for the submission.

NOTE: We wont host any addon, script or compilation that does not have all permissions from modders. So be sure this info is added to the readme file.
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