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How to use Yoma addon sync

First, download the latest version of Yoma addon sync from here. Install the program using the installer, you can also use the packed archive.
Now, start the program and follow these steps:
    1) You should see a button "New Server". Press it. It'll open a new tab of sorts.

    2) Look for the box that says: "Auto config URL".

    3) Inside of that, copy and paste the url you were provided with which contains the file(s) you wish to download into that box.

    4) After pasting the url inside of that space, click the button that says "Import Server" and give it a few seconds. It basically looks it up and sets everything all up for you (fills out all the server info, etc. so you don't have too--helpful to us lazy folk )

    5) Once successful, click the "Save" button at the bottom.

    6) Now look up. You should see some tabs: Server, Download Addons, and Launch Game.

    7) Click on the tab that says Download Addons.

    8) Now that you are in the Download Addons tab, you'll see 3 buttons on the left, 2 of which are grayed out: Check for Addons, Download Addons, Cancel. Click on Check for Addons and wait for Yoma to check the server for whatever downloads the server may ave available and compare it to your directory (it checks to see if you have it already and if you need updating or not, super helpful and handy!).

    9) Now you'll notice on the left some mod folders with check boxes next to them, depending on the server you are checking. Make sure the box is checked and then click "Download Addons".

    10) Now just sit and wait as the download process begins. It'll let you know when it's done.

    11) Upon completion, launch ArmA with said addons and proceed to have fun.

This short tutorial was written by Betsalel and added to our FAQ with his permission.
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