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Trip Wire Example
This example was created for ArmaHolic by DarkXess - Original Source Shadow.D. ^BOB^

Here im going to show you how to make a simple Trip Wire.

How to use "TripWire Example"

This should be places in the script within your mission folder called "tripwire.sqf"

_triploc = _this select 0;
hint "Tripwire! Grenade!";

sleep random 6;

// explosion
bomb = "Grenade" createVehicle  position _triploc;

In the editor make a trigger called "trip1" and place this in the On Act

trip= [trip1] execVM "tripwire.sqf";

Thats all you need, press preview and see your tripwire.

Example mission comes with a ReadMe for more information.

DownLoad the Example Mission!
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Updated: Wednesday 30th of March 2011 04:32 PM,  Asked By: DarkXess,  viewed 1799 times