Feint informed us he released version 2.1 of his Paddle Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The Paddle Mod modifies existing boats in Arma 3. The Paddle Mod modifies the Zodiac-style boats and other boats dependent on them. This addon will allow you to paddle forward and backward as well as turning the boat in place. It will improve the effectiveness of the rudder, will increase the engine power slightly and will allow you to enable and disable a kill switch for the engine so that when the engine is disabled you can steer while paddling. You can also use ropes with the boat for towing purposes and landmarking. You can also camouflage your boat using bushes found nearby.

    • Added: You can now slide the boat left and right when stopped with two new keybindings
    • Added: You can now use the shortcut keys to shorten and lengthen the rope when holding the rope bag
    • Fixed: Fixed a strange Zeus compatibility issue where you couldn't pick up the bag after using the Virtual Arsenal

Written on 2015-02-01 by Feint


Massi released an updated version of his UK Special Forces units addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote massi :
    I’m updating all my units pack in order equip them with the new vehicles from my NATO SF\Spetsnaz vehicles pack and to add new headgear , uniform weapons and other stuff.
    There are also some small other fixies you’ll find in the changelog.

    • added some new weapons from NATO SF\Spetsnaz weapon's pack (L119 CQB and MP7 handguns)
    • added optional config to remove NATO SF Spetsnaz VEHICLES dependancy (read instructions can cause issues!)
    • adjusted OPS CORE size to reflect RL counterparts
    • improved: units loadout

Written on 2015-02-01 by massi

RobJ submitted an updated version of his British Armed Forces Faction All In One mod.

    Quote :
    British Army Faction all in one is a full army mod with a troops, cars, apc, tanks, helicopters, jets and boats based on the current army and the replacements for the future.
    I have tryed hard to make this mod conceivable for the british army in 2035.

    • Added radios and grenades to all units
    • Added C-130J Hercules with new RAF reskin
    • Added C17 Globemaster III

Written on 2015-02-01 by RobJ


Sabre[Dust] released an updated version of his Civilian Units addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Things coming together I am going back to my first mod attempt finally!
    This is a Work in progress!
    Please refer to Armaholic or BI Forums for more info or feedback. Most textures are just a quick proof of concept.
    You are all invited to make your own textures for existing or new units and post them on the forums.
    I might add them to the addon its suitable.

    • added activist
    • added communal worker
    • added communal pickup

Written on 2015-02-01 by SabreD

1stLt.J.Aero has submitted the third part of the Born in hell series.

    Quote 1stLt.J.Aero :
    With Comms restored and the Russians pulling back, We had enough time to get our UAVs up and going, While Scanning for life of Civilians we found that the Russians had taken up a Local Airfield, Your job is as simple as it gets, Take back the airfield

Written on 2015-02-01 by 1stLt.J.Aero

SabreD released an updated version of the Antonow An-2, which he ported from Arma 2, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This addon adds some An-2 variations to Arma 3. Some are made up and some resemble a random selection of real planes.
    They have different characteristics and specialities:
    - The standard variants have slightly different top speeds but otherwise the flight model is similar
    (The vintage AirRacing versions have slightly more powerful engines but may stall at lower speeds -
    interesting side fact: the real An-2 has no stall speed mentioned in its manual according to wikipedia)
    - The snow versions are slightly faster. The skis are purely aestetic. The plane really behaves as if it were on wheels.
    - The sea plane version is designed to be operated on water only.

    It can be used on ground but only because I didn't want to interfere with the ability to put it on a beach or go back into the sea from there.
    Go in and out of the water very slowly! The artifical float script needs time to catch up.
    In reality you would have to manually attach special wheels to the floats as far as I know. This is not included currently.
    By the way it has to be flown with caution. It's a lot slower than the other variants. Don't expect to get over mountains as easily as with other planes.

    - The armed versions are for fun really.
    I just put some random cannon on them and changed the flight model to an arcade more jetlike version.

    • Prop Blur working finally
    • hand moves with pilot controls
    • again changes to flight model

Written on 2015-02-01 by SabreD

Sabre[Dust] released an updated version of his UN Units 2030 on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Due to lack of time I decided to release this in it's current state. Textures and Units may be updated/expanded at some stage in the future.
    This is a retexture addon of several UN ground and air units for Arma 3.

    It is set in the future obviously, to go along with the other A3 units.
    I have added a fictional state of origin for the troops, so they can be used for any scenario.

    • added faction plugin
    • readded old uniforms

Written on 2015-02-01 by SabreD

T-800a informed us he released an updated version of his Downlad data from a laptop script snippet on the BI forums.

    Quote t-800a :
    Here is a small script snippet from a coop mission I created to play with some friends. Maybe someone finds this usefull...
    Because I thought downloading intel data from a Laptop by just adding a simple addaction to the Laptop is a bit boring I added a small downloading GUI window to it which has some changing texts.

    The download is only useable by one player at a time, you can abort the download / close the window by hitting ESC or clicking the X. When the download is finished a public var is updated whis triggers the task to succed.

    • updated the script to better work with objects created on-the-fly
    • incompatible to previous versions, so you are not done by replacing files

Written on 2015-02-01 by t-800a

mith86arg released in the BI forums his first public mission.

    Quote mith86arg :
    Very "large" sabotage mission at Chernarus. US forces main goal is to break trough Russian defenses established in the area and clean the path for the incoming friendly force.

Written on 2015-02-01 by Armaholic

Code34 has submitted an update for this cooperative mission where the ultimate goal is to conquer the Altis island facing the Enemies forces.

  • add map control
  • fix server ranking
  • add information about convoy
  • add new missions zone
  • fix init map settings
  • add new inventory classes
  • delete useless code
  • add avalaible time vehicle information
  • fix bleeding settings
  • tune ticket windows
  • add author in credits

Written on 2015-02-01 by code34

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