Chairborne released an updated version of his Arma 2 Mi-8/Mi-17 Port on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Another update with minor fixes. No more ugly HUD, no more RPT error spam, and finally the Mi171Sh has hiddenselections as well so you can have fun repainting it any way you want.

    • Hud removed
    • Hiddenselections added to Mi171
    • Rpt spam removed

Written on 2014-10-20 by Chairborne


Chairborne released an updated version of the LAV-25, which he ported from Arma 2, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Chairborne :
    UPDATE - 21/09/2014

    Version 0.4.
    Did some minor work on this, tweaked the reflections and the woodland camo, then fixed a minor bug with shadows and the RPT bone error spam.
    With the next update i plan to tweak the editor entries a bit because the organization is starting to seem a bit silly as it is.

    • Fix minor antenna shadows bug
    • Changed reflections
    • Changed woodland textures
    • Fixed rpt bone error spam

Written on 2014-10-20 by Chairborne

Soronelite released an updated version of his =ARC= Patches / Insignia addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    The mod aims to add patches and insignias. (thanks to the Bootcamp update)
    You'll find insigna from real units, usefull patches (as medic patches) or moral patches.

    Feel free to give me as many feedback as you can, and also tell me which patches or insignias you'd like to see!

    • Moral:
        - BSG G2 Pegasus
        - Spades Ace
        - 4 Aces
    • US:
        - 160th SOAR
    • CallSigns:
        - Arma
        - Biohazard
        - VIP
        - Stalker
        - BIS (x2)
        - Normandy SR1
        - Smiley (X2)
        - Pron
        - Fuck
        - Dots
        - Boss
        - Dagger 22
        - LZH (x2)

Written on 2014-10-20 by soronelite


revide has submitted an Arma 3 Wasteland mission inspired by multiple others, concentrated on performance and tactical, but fair, gameplay.

    Quote revide :
    First things first, this Mission is dedicated to the community.
    I created this Mission without any commercial/financial aspects in mind. I want to create a mission for everybody to enjoy.
    This mission is an one-man-project with 12,615 (+5759 headers) lines of code. All graphics self-made or edited to avoid copyright infringements.
    The only thing not created by me is the soundtrack of the mission and the intro sound. These are made by my friend Sleet (Soundcloud).
    I'm competing in the MAKEARMANOTWAR Contest, as well. But still, this mission is for the community, not for making profit.

Written on 2014-10-20 by revide

OPGamer & Kaasmandje have submitted this cooperative mission for Arma 3.

    Quote OPGamer & Kaasmandje :
    The mission is about an invasion of Russia and the rebels took a part of it and we are there to clean the mess
    with a squad. You are para-jumping out of a C130 and u have a hmmwv at your disposal and a crate full of weapons and ammo.

    Use everything to destroy their ammo boxes and their army.

    Good luck soldier

Written on 2014-10-20 by kaasmandje

Phantom Six released in the BI forums his latest cooperative mission. In this mission you must hold off against a horde of ISIS soldiers from getting the oil field.

    Quote Phantom Six :
    ISIS forces have seize some tanks but lack oil to use them. They are heading for the oil field.
    Hold off against a horde of ISIS soldiers from getting the oil field.

Written on 2014-10-20 by Phantom Six

JohnnyBoy released in the BI forums a new version of his cooperative entry to the MANW contest. It is fast-paced, CQB mission with time pressure and lots of surprises.

  • Randomized 4 different paths for Protect Ship objective which changes game flow dynamically (more replayable).
  • Fixed MP Ending selection
  • Added crew to ship.
  • Added more clutter to camps for ambience.
  • More voice chatter.
  • Added more paths for suicide boats.

Written on 2014-10-20 by johnnyboy

Noam Aviad has submitted an Arma 3 singleplayer survival mission.

    Quote Noam Aviad :
    NATO forces withdrew from Altis as CSAT forces launch a full scale attack on the island.
    The AAF took an almost fatal hit in the firt wave of the attack, it broke down into a few groups of guerillas that have to use improvised equipment and weapons to fight CSAT and survive.
    Durring CSAT invasion the majority of the civilians have been evicted from Altis and Iranian civilians started occupying the island. but some places on Altis are still populated with Altian civilians, some of those civilians are willing to cooporate with the AAF, they might loan you vehicles, store your weapns and give AAF soldiers a place to hide at the time of need.
    Use whatever you can to put together the remains of the AAF force, survive, recover and fight the CSAT forces on Altis.

Written on 2014-10-20 by someone4

STALKERGB released an updated config for his British Infantry addon on the BI forums to celebrate the official Arma 3 launch.
You do not have to download the whole archive again if you do not want, a new config only version is available below, just replace the existing config files with the one from this new archive!

    Quote STALKERGB :
    So there is another small update for this, more a quality of life change than anything. The guys over at 3 Commando Brigade have been working on a much improved config for the addon.
    Thanks and credits go to the 3CB/Apollo/Nemiuk for cooking this up.

    The biggest change there for most is the weapon dependency switch to Trixie's Weapons. Hopefully adds a more full selection of British equipment for everyone to use. There's also a couple new infantry classes as well as groups available in the editor.

    Below is the link to the whole mod (including the unchanged textures and models), beneath that is just the new config which can overwrite what you have previously download if you already have the mod:

    • replaces Kiory L85 with Trixies British Weapons (L85, L86, L110, L129, L7A2)
    • adds appropriate scopes to rifles and fixes bug with L7A2 (GPMG)
    • creates additional infantry classes
    • adds placeable Editor Groups to match British Army / Royal Marines Sections
    • adds Zeus compatibility
    • adds @Alive compatibility

Written on 2014-10-19 by STALKERGB

Abs informed us he released an updated beta of his Star Trek: Road to the Stars - Infantry Pack on the BI forums.
To stay up to date with all the latest news and get early access to beta releases make sure to follow Abs on the Star Trek: Road to the Stars Facebook.

    Quote Abs :
    Red Alert! Klingons sighted in the sector!
    An away team had been sent out to investigate the planet Altis when all communication with them had been lost. Starfleet intelligence then intercepted a message destined for the Klingon homeworld, shown below.
    Admiral Kurt has informed us that in order to defend against this Klingon threat, all Operations staff now be equipped with Type 3 Phaser rifles.
    I hope you remember all your training from the Academy, cadet. We are facing the possibility that the Organian Treaty will soon be violated, and we must stand ready to protect the Federation!

    Updated the Star Trek: Road to the Stars - Infantry Pack to fix the sound config changes. Sorry it took so long, but I've been very busy working on an FTL mod lately. It's amazing how much easier modding is when it's mostly just XML files.
    Please let me know if I've somehow messed this up, and I'll fix and release another update. Thanks.

    • fix the sound config changes

Written on 2014-10-19 by Foxhound

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