Code34 has submitted an update for this cooperative mission where the ultimate goal is to conquer the Altis island facing the Enemies forces.

  • add a more UI friendly personnal score (at top of the screen)
  • add a convoy lobby parameter to choose the pop time
  • Increase patrol infantry path, infantry patrol in the sectors around the initial sector
  • fix chopper patrol path
  • add additionnal infantry groups depending of probabilities
  • fix overcast and rain
  • add sectors and degree view in more UI friendly (at top of the screen)
  • add some jackass messages for suicide
  • add banner message for customize for team
  • add distance parameter for pop groups
  • add some probabilities for pop enemies
  • fix poping distance for enemy choppers
  • fix unpoping vehicles after an amount of times

Written on 2015-08-31 by code34


Varanon has released in the BI forums a new mission for this mission pack for Arma 3 created by him and Alwarren.

  • Added new mission, "Kavala Lost".

Written on 2015-08-31 by Varanon

Mynock released in our forums the latest of his mini-missions where you play as a member of an elite CSAT special operations underwater team eliminating rebel supplies and transportation.

    Quote Mynock :
    The rebels are in full retreat thanks to recent CSAT operations. However, the town of Girna is still occupied by rebel forces. Girna is an important town to the citizens of Stratis, so a frontal assault is out of the question as collateral damage needs to be as limited as possible. The rebels are preparing to retreat from the area, but CSAT command wants to eliminate as many rebels as practical without causing too much destruction. Your team needs to take direct action to prevent this, but without destroying the entire town. Move in under the cover of darkness, use stealth to your advantage, and destroy the rebel's vehicles and supplies. Without any vehicles to escape and lacking supplies, they will be forced to surrender. Girna is the last major town we need to recapture before CSAT stages its final assault on the rebel leadership in the southern part of the island.

Written on 2015-08-31 by Mynock


654wak654 released an updated version of the Simple Rank Patches addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote 654wak654 :
    Simple Rank Patches is a highly configurable AddOn where it automatically adds rank patches to all infantry's shoulders; in any mission the AddOn is running. It supports custom user made patches, player and AI support, and it can even get player's rank data from a squad URL.

    • Added: British Army set. It's patch id is 6.
    • Fixed: the .bikey wasn't in the 1.4.1 release.

Written on 2015-08-31 by 654wak654

J has submitted the second mission in his Armageddon Z singleplayer series.

    Quote J :
    The Financial Banking system has collapsed. Civilians are robbing others and fighting over resources, looting local businesses and shooting police. The military has been called in to bring order. Confiscate civilian weapon stashes. You are authorized to neutralize anyone who dares to oppose the US Government.

Written on 2015-08-31 by t1specialist

FoxFort submitted an updated version of his FoxFort Camo Pack (previously known as "Gorka Uniforms addon").

    Quote :
    This addon contains different camouflages with "FFCP" in prefix.
    They are available via Virtual Arsenal, Virtual Ammobox System and via it's own supply box.

    • Added: Brown and Marpat W camouflages.
    • Added: Light armor vest variants.
    • Added: Kamysh Heavy Vest.
    • Changed: Names of Vests, now have Light, Medium or Heavy in the name.
    • Changed: Classnames of medium vests.
    • Changed: Vests weight and protection values.

Written on 2015-08-31 by FoxFort

Donbass submitted an updated version of his Tilos Military Airport template.

    Quote :
    Another of my transformation takes place at the military airport on the island of Tilos. Maybe will come with update. I hope you will like it.

    • Replacement of the existing lights on the runway and hangars at heliports for more clear
    • Change color from green to desert at barracks
    • Adding hospitals
    • Addition of transmitting towers
    • The addition of a few objects in the port

Written on 2015-08-31 by Donbass

Donbass submitted an updated version of his FOB Eagle, Raider, Wardak province template.

    Quote :
    I did transormation of FOB Eagle in Southern Wardak province. I said that I will add more details and I hope that it will be enough for you.

    • FOB Eagle and FOB Raider merged together
    • FOB Raider:
        - Added a pumping station
        - The addition of containers that will be placed at each other
        - Added around the base of the tower
        - Adding a few objects and buildings to the hospital and FARP
        - Addition of transmitting towers
        - Adjusting the positions of some lamps
        - Replacement of the existing lights on the runway for more clear
        - Change color from green to desert at barracks
    • FOB Eagle:
        - Addition of transmitting towers
        - Change color from green to desert at barracks
        - Replacement of the existing lights on the heliport for more clear

Written on 2015-08-31 by Donbass

Donbass submitted an updated version of his Expanding ISAF bases in Sangin template.

    Quote :
    My goal is to expand all the bases (FOBs, COPs, Outposts, VCPs, MOB) in Sangin for Arma 3. In addition, I want to add MOB functional ILS runway so there could be aircraft landing and add a few outposts. I hope you will enjoy.

    • The addition of a few objects in some FOBs
    • Added a pumping station
    • Change of A3 H-Barrier on the A2 H-Barrier in some FOBs
    • Replacement of the color green camouflage netting for desert
    • The expansion of the base at the dam
    • Adjusting the positions of some towers around the runway

Written on 2015-08-31 by Donbass

Quiksilver submitted his Turret Safety System script.

    Quote :
    Pilot control over mounted aircraft weapon turrets
    Compatible with:
    • UH-80 Ghosthawk (both variants)
    • CH-67 Huron (armed variant)
    • Easily add modded helicopters to the system, in the config section of the script.

    • Replaced use of BIS_fnc_MP with new remoteExec command.
    • Slight optimization
    • Made easier to add modded helicopters to the system.
    • Pilot can now toggle the turrets even from the co-pilot seat.

Written on 2015-08-31 by Quiksilver

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