El Tyranos submitted his Slaughter Assets A2 Import addon which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon imports slaughter assets from Arma 2 to Arma 3. Hanged corpses have hiddenselections textures so you can re-texture them and fit to you scenarios!
    Assets are zeus compatible and can be found in Objects > Slaughter [BG21]:
    - Hanged prisonner
    - Hanged Doctor in 3 variants (white, dark blue, light blue)
    - Mass grave
    - Flies sound

Written on 2015-05-25 by ElTyranos


CWR2 PR released the first version of the Cold War Rearmed² - National People’s Army Expansion on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This Expansion for Cold War Rearmed² adds the East German Army, known as “National People’s Army” or “Nationale Volksarmee” in German as well as various weapons and vehicles.

Written on 2015-05-25 by CWR2 PR

Pinaz93 sent us an updated version of his A-346 / YAK-131 Pack which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm releasing the first pack of retextures for the TO-199, it is based on the Yak-130, so I make a retexture representing the combat version of the YAK and of the M-346, an italian trainer that derives from the same project of the Yak-130! They are used for CAS missions, but I have planned (If I can do it) a light fighter version!

    • Added russian weapons to the yak-131
    • Added NATO weapons to the A-346
    • Added Argentinian Air Force A-346
    • Added Vietnam YAK-131
    • Added Takistani YAK-131
    • Added Chinese Q-10
    • Added Polish A-346

Written on 2015-05-25 by Pinaz93


GieNkoV released an updated version of his ACC EqKreator script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm proud to release an updated version of my equipment script creator - ACC EqKreator!

    • version 8.4:
        - Should be compatible now with missions that use disabledAI = 1
    • version 8.3:
        - Fix JIP issue once and for all thanks to @Glowbal
    • version 8.2:
        - Fix for TFAR users

Written on 2015-05-25 by gienkov

SPhoenix released in the [url=]BI forums[/url] a combined Arms-type mission whereby infantry must work together with two armored units to take a heavily fortified position.

    Quote SPhoenix :
    With Turkey pledging protection from Greece to the Altis claim to sovereignty, CSAT have been granted authority to fight alongside AAF in the war for this crucial Mediterranean port. NATO's forces on the island were attacked by surprise a few months ago. This attack was condemned by most of the Western world, and a deployment of a battalion of US forces was precipitated in order to ensure peace on the island. Whereas the campaign to secure the eastern half of Altis was fairly swift, capturing the western part has proven much more of a challenge, in part due to the more pronounced terrain, where NATO loses its advantage of superior armor to the infantry and mobility of the AAF, supported by the CSAT technology.
    A recent push by NATO allowed them to capture the old AAC airfield and severely diminish the combined OPFOR combat readiness by undermining their deployment capabilities. Next step for friendly forces is to capture Zaros, a task made excruciatingly difficult by the terrain, favoring CSAT artillery and AAF infantry garrisoned in the city. NATO commanders refuse to risk civilian casualties and will not fire on the city blindly - thereby creating a stalemate. An effort is currently underway to cut the OPFOR supply route, first by capturing the Xirolimni Dam and then circling back south to isolate Zaros and starve them out. While the dam was taken, the AAF is currently staging a counter-attack.

    This is taking far too long to the taste of USMEDCOM, which is why at the same time, we have managed to sneak a Marshall IFV and a Bobcat engineering vehicle by boat deep into enemy territory in order to capture and restore a former NATO FOB that would make it possible to take Kavala in a matter of days instead of weeks. Since this is a high-risk operation, behind enemy lines, a unit of US Special Forces have been assigned to open the road to the engineers.

Written on 2015-05-25 by SPhoenix

tgb released in the BI forums episodes two and three of his Diary Trilogy coop series.

    Quote tgb :
    A squad of infantry finds themselves stranded and cut off from the main force due to their isolated posting. Now they must fight to find out what is happening and figure out their escape.

Written on 2015-05-25 by tgb

gienkov released in the BI forums a new cooperative mission where your objective is to find and destroy 3 ammo caches inside Tappeh Ka town.

    Quote gienkov :
    Year 2010, Kunduz, Afghanistan
    BW Airborne SF soldiers get task to destroy 3 ammo caches inside Tappeh Ka town. They have already taken off from Loy Manara airfield and are on their way to jump point.

Written on 2015-05-25 by gienkov

gienkov released in the BI forums a new version of this cooperative mission where you must destroy 4 Qalat towers around Kar Shek Fortress.

  • Time is at 0330HRS now
  • Tweaked fog a bit
  • C130 lights should work properly now
  • ASR AI is now optional but highly recommended (custom settings for enemy are included)

Written on 2015-05-25 by gienkov

TFALtDanThomas has submitted this mission using Alive/ace3/and Caf Aggressors to create an Afghan Insurgency mission with random main missions and set side missions.

    Quote TFALtDanThomas :
    Welcome to Ltdanthomas's Afghan Operations based out of the Kunduz province. This mission will generate random tasks
    using the ALIVE MOD and seprate spasific tasks to include hostage rescue, EOD disposal and Gate guard missions
    made by the editing group here at TFA.

Written on 2015-05-25 by TFAltdanthomas

The CWR² Team released an updated version of the Cold War Rearmed² - Austrian Armed Forces Expansion on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This Expansion for Cold War Rearmed² adds Austrian Infantry units and their weapons.

    • Added: UN Medic
    • Fixed: Hitglass1-4 rpt warnings removed
    • Fixed: Weapon holding anims optimized
    • Fixed: Pinzgauer UN Textures mismatch in lower LODs
    • Fixed: Parts of backpack where floating around the feet

Written on 2015-05-25 by CWR2 PR

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