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#101076 Posted at 2011-03-30 14:54        
# NSRacer : no, i didn't used mod folders, i'm going to do this right now.

I cannot emphasize enough how using modfolders is a much better and safer way of using addons.

new question : i saw the topic with the recommended add-ons for armed assault and someone was talking about ACE...i checked the add-on but i don't understand what's it for

ACE is a total conversion mod. It will basically change the entire game. Some stand by it, some hate, some (like me) just don't want such huge changes. For some reason, the pages about it on its website are not working. Not alot of people play ArmA anymore so it will be hard for me, someone who never used ACE, to explain it.

Armstrong-"Hey Carillo, do you see that?"
Carillo-"See what?"
Armstrong-"Something's burning over there, see the smoke?"
Carillo-"That's not smoke it's dust!"
Armstrong-"Dust? i don't get it."