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#101404 Posted at 2011-04-04 04:17        
# thedog : i hope this game has potential to be something great, im already seeing flaws but ill still buy it, when i get back from a-stan lol

Sorry, a little off topic ... thedog, thought you were in Korea mate? lol

Anyways, this game is going to rock, you have all played BF2 and you know what its like! the only
downside to it was the online player count! well ive heard on gametrailers podcast that they
are scrapping that and going to let it be a free for all who joins etc,.. also there will be a mass
600+ world wide weapons to use straight off! and there going to have an online armory where you
can use game credits to buy new weapons to add to the remaining 600. And another thing that will be
in this is the online player profiles like in BF2, but with more and more content and info etc.

BF3 is going to have an extensive campaign and single player options, something that BF2 didnt have!
BF2 looked and aimed at the MP community! but BF3 is going to be doing the lot! the AI and
graphics engine is a new concept in gaming, and is top secret at the moment! but there saying that
the ai aspect of gaming will take you to new levels of realism gaming!

Cant wait for this game! I could go on more ... but ill let you guys add stuff! lol

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