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# Foxtrop :

The cockpit cabine looks fair. The frame above the panel looks too thick, maybe need to be thinner and smoother. The left and right screens are a bit higher than the middle one. As for the collimator (the hologram display on top) maybe you should have 2 variants, the common one is only a collimator frame, it's rare to have a laser designator/rangefinder at the left of the collimator.

# Foxtrop : Dysta that pictures are very helpful! I cant get it look very similar I think that my plane is shorter than the original. Also I commited the error of use as reference a CGI 3d plane pictures.
About no exploding, you mean in air? I know that it doesnt explode in air I dont know why, but when it touch the ground explode and change model, also it spawn a gbu bomb to increase the destruction(I.should.remove.that).

Well, as for the CGI scaling, I believe it's normal for most of the modeler since it's required to be accurate by using blueprint texture or such. It's no doubt making the plane model inaccurate, but I don't blame any of it as I knew it's also difficult to get it exactly accurate.

Maybe you should find a diagram before modeling, that'd be helpful:

J-10A diagram from deviantART

It's difficult to find J-10B diagram, maybe it's still unsure of the exact model, but the photos from previous post is to be surely accurate (except the first 2 pictures).

As for the crashing, I mean both. The air and ground crashing that's neither bursting flame nor explosion when destroyed, only the whole frame falling down, and changed to destroyed model when crashed to the ground.

# Foxtrop : I have some questions about planes. The antena in the front is for test or they are used all the time?
Should I add the refuel tube?
Also someone can test it in gameplay? I mean is too powerfull? is too weak? too fast? too slow?

The J-10B's antenna spike has been removed and only a small yellow bud on top of the head. The refuel tube is necessary for all the models since I've seen the A, two-seaters A and B are pretty much installed the refuel tube all the times. And yea, I am still testing it to see if it's accurate or something.

I can give you extra pictures of all the J-10 models (just look at the text description carefully):

The J-10B, as you can see it was installed the refuel tube, maybe the back could be useful for scaling.

J-10A Single Seat

J-10A Two-seaters

J-10A squad, as you can see all the planes are installed refuel tubes, as well as the two-seater is the leader.

J-10A Two-seater on the Chengdu taxiway.

The J-10 test-flight room, look at the bottom of the picture carefully, you can see the middle screen is displaying white panel instead of common green one, perhaps it's a RGB monitor.

J-10 gun, it's a Chinese's own model, and very close to Gsh-23 two-barrel cannon, firing 23x115mm AM-23 cannon with 200 ammo capacity per gun. Maybe you should make a weapon configs of this jet.

J-10A Refuel Tube.

J-10A Taxiway lights.

J-10A engine flame.


Anyway, if you can browse Chinese website (maybe require to bypassing a firewall), this webpage have lots of pictures of J-10, and maybe useful to you:

Do not quote images!!

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