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I am a cheater!

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#111597 Posted at 2011-09-17 02:49        
My pilot ordered me to eject from the chopper because we were getting chased by a KA-52... I didn't want to eject, but it was forced. I ejected at alt. 20 so no Chute and hit a power line, fell to the ground the Helo exploded on me, and the KA-52 shot my body... The pilot survived -_-" Lol. Also the weirdest moment is when you give an order so your guy move his arms in a way to say "move up" And they grow HEAPS Big xD And finally, when your carrying a wounded and their graphics slowly die... And then when you heal them they come back! xD Lol

I am a cheater, I use scripts in MP to spawn stuff.