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#112242 Posted at 2011-09-27 19:19        
#method 1
In the condition of the trigger that you already have.

If you just want the player to get the radio option added to their screen from mission start then use this code.
(player == p36)

This for the 3 players players.
({player} count [p34, p35, p36] > 1)

If you wanna use trigger parameters too then (radius and other conditions). If you have certain parameters / custom condition set for the trigger. "this" is the parameters you already have set on the trigger itself.
this && (player == p36)
this && whateverconditionyouset && (player != p36)

#method 2
Removing the radio message.

Create a new trigger with a countdown or synchronisation to the radio trigger you have set up, activates on or after the condition is met. A countdown of one second (so it is removed one second after joining the mission) would be enough if you have synchronise problems.

if (player != p36) then {1 setRadioMsg "NULL"};

this should work too, i think:

if ({player} count [p34, p35, p36] < 1) then {1 setRadioMsg "NULL";

NOTE: Method 1 will still show the radio message, but will not allow it to be used by any players other than specified. Using both methods together will work best.

Hopefully you understand.
Also, stuff like this would be far less messy if using script files rather than triggers ingame. Though, both still work. :)

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