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So, this should be the right place, isnt it Foxhound? I hope.

So here again:

Hey Guys!

I cant do anything with the mission editor so my question to you is if you could do a single, i think simple (for a good editor), team based mission. The Task is that a Squad of max. 25 Rangers ( go out for a Patrol in Sangin/Hellmand ( and search for IEDs along the roads. The IEDs should be positioned at a lot random positions and should be hidden in Bushes, Garbage, Cars, Wrecks along the Roadside or should be digged into the road, so that the use of the AN PSS-14 is required (Interesting for it: . CAS should be callable (Maybe A-10), also CASEVAC. The mission needs to be playable with ACE, ACRE, SMK Anims and WarFX. The mission should take at least 3 hours, maximum 6 hours.

I know that its a lot of wishes and details,
Maybe someone wants to do that?


PS: If this is against point 4 from request rules please delete it, i didnt understand it 100%.

"Teamwork is essential - it gives the enemies other targets to shoot at!"

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