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#113274 Posted at 2011-10-19 16:52        
Lennard's L119A1 Pack - Version 1.0

-Click for high-res


"The Diemaco(Colt Canada) C8 SFW, designated L119A1 within the UK military, offers several improvements over the M4 it is based on.
The main improvements include a hammer forged heavy mid-length (16.1 inches) barrel and beefed up front sight post to mount the HK AG-C grenade launcher.
It fires the 5.56x45mm round and uses standard NATO 30-round magazines."

This addon will add 14 different variants of the L119A1 to your game in 3 different camo's, that makes a total of 42 variants.
The weapons can be found in the ammo box in the editor or added by hand with "This addweapon .. ". The ammo box is located under EMPTY > AMMO > UK Diemaco Box.

It's fully OA compatible, with it's thermal textures and flash lights and IR lasers.
Therefor the original Arma 2 and Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead are both required to play.
The reason they are both required is to support BIS.


Known bugs/issues
None known at the momemt.


BIS - A1 MLODS and their fantastic games.
da12thMonkey - textures and models for the various weapon attachments, config help, reference material, basicly the backbone of this addon.
Vilas - Original UGL and eotech model.
DaveP - Desert and woodland textures.
Lennard - Various model fixed and changes, textures, config and the boring copy and paste work.
sushjake - Config help.

Thanks to the VOLCBAT guys, DaveP, drmidnight, da12thMonkey and Rhodesy77 for beta testing.



Version 1.0


-Click for high-res

If anyone could be so kind to make some shots of the desert and woodland versions :rolleyes:

Enjoy the addon :)