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first off you dont need to make any kind of document in your files, just type what im going to give you. First make an empty object. (can be anything, car, carwreck, garbage, laptop, ect ect ect.) Name it IED
then make a tigger (activated by whatever you want, radio, bluefor ect.) In its on act you can type this for a big explostion {bomb = "Bo_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle getpos IED;} or this for a smaller
{bomb = "Sh_105_HE" createVehicle getpos IED;}
Whats in the " " can be exchanged with any kind of shell or missile. (LGB Bomb, Hell Fire missile, 105 mm shell, Mortar shells ect.) Ingnore the { } when putting in the text in game (thats just there to show you what you need.)

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