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#114560 Posted at 2011-11-15 14:54        
It's time to get back to Shapur!
But this time supported by those awesome hi-res TOH choppers! Unbeatable concept, I know :-)

Insurgent forces have established a stronghold in the city of Shapur e-Dalanper. They are heavily armed and have been conducting several deadly attacks against coalition forces as well as the local people.
We have to push them out of the Shapur area as quickly as possible, before more lives are lost.
You and your team have been assigned three critical tasks inside Shapur.

Mission features:
-Urban and CQB military combat mixed with helicopter insertions/extractions
-Light, Medium and Heavy US military helicopters
-Urban Patrol script by Kronzky
-Vehicle Respawn script by Rauni
-Universal Weapons Respawn script by toadlife/norrin

Download link:
CO12 Shapur Revisited

As always, have fun! :-D