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#114637 Posted at 2011-11-17 16:11        
Only 1 or 2 servers run I44 mod, and then you have to join when they are all playing or it just sits empty. When you connect has a big difference. This game is way more popular in Europe so in the afternoon for me there is a bit of PvP action (I live on west coast USA). Besides the -C5- server there IS NO OTHER PvP server in the U.S. And no you are doing nothing wrong with your game there are barely enough people that play this game at all in comparison to ALL THE OTHER FPS GAMES. Almost no U.S. citizen in this entire country knows anything about this game at all much less that they still even make computer games at all.

I wish you luck mate. The only way you are playing against other real players is to hop on C5 server or try out a Europe PvP server if your ping is low enough or start your own and wait for players on the coop servers to notice your server and then connect. If you can't tell I really hate coop and how the coop game play has absolutely freaking ruined this game.

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