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#115698 Posted at 2011-12-12 09:36        
# Wyte_Out : If you are using the template I showed you, than yes he does have a head. If you click on the "LOD's" on the right top hand corner of the screen on Oxygen 2 you will notice numbers like: 1.00 , 2.00 etc. Right now you should be in 1.00 thus you see no head. Now if you double click the 2.00 LOD you will notice the head appears. Now if you want to put a texture on you soldier model all you have to do is: Select all the points/faces of your model(this should display your model to be all RED). Than go to the top and click "Faces" than "Face Properties". Than at the bottom of right of that box that pops up you will see a box that says "Texture" click on the folder to the right of that and select your texture and hit apply. It will take a min to load the texture but shortly after its done loading you should see it, thats how you load the texture on the soldier. *OK* *THUMBS UP*

Thx :D,
I got it, so I highlight anything I want to texture and just apply? Cuz there are some areas im not sure what to skin them with :p. how can I know what should be Skinned and what shouldn't.
and what about the cfg and the modelcfg (have no idea what to do with em) ? With UV maping its telling me that it cant load bitmap, but I was fiddling around and found Filter New Textures sumthing like that but after I choose the file its covered by a million copy of the texture :s

So the process of making a addon in general is getting a model editing it (textures) > resetting the texture paths. then your good to go?

(btw Wyte I was just searching around and found your topic from like 3 months ago I downloaded your P3d (hope you dont mind) and can I say it looks awsome (with the knee guards and stuff)

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