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#115795 Posted at 2011-12-14 20:16        
# Wyte_Out : yea if you go to the bis forumns and in the search type: Whyte_Out you will notice I have a lot of good questions that are answered regarding model making. So it should help you out a lot. I dont mind at all if you want to use my models, I actually quit making it because my computer erased so much of it I had to start over, so feel free to use it all you want. As far as the textures go for your model. When you do the UV layouts, it puts everything that you highlighted in the layout. So if you did that right, all your textures you did in photoshop should go to the right path. The thing about model making is "trial and error" you just got to do a little wrong to get it right. Have fun with the models

Well im makin progress :) like my unit appears in the game but is invisible but im slowly learnin :D any tips?
and btw where did you get the vests and other stuff I cant seem to find a .paa for them to texture them and fix their path.
(if you can give me the army sf thing link that would be great)

and Many Thanks for your help *THUMBS UP*

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