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#118225 Posted at 2012-02-08 18:01        
# NoQuarter : Troubleshooting 101: Lowest Common Denominator.

As posted earlier, you will want to rule out the list of possibilities by running the app in its last stable (v1.60) version -without beta revisions, or any 3rd-party addons- to verify whether the issue is occuring within the main program and/or main program settings.
You should be able to do this quite easily by running the game directly from its default shortcut or *.exe.

If the error/glitch is not present at this stage, start adding in the variables one by one -and checking after each addition- to determine when the issue presents itself.
It might help if you would post the contents of your *:\Users\*\Documents\ArmA 2\Arma2*.cfg, as well as the value of the terrainGrid block of your *:\Users\*\Documents\ArmA 2\*.Arma2*Profile to spot something obvious.

AToC settings.
It worked fine when I played it without mods. I belive it might be Ace that causes these problems. I havent really touched anything in the "cfg" files, except for the mouse smoothing. So could it help if I installed the 1. 60 stable patch (Patch) and not use the latest beta versions?

# Devazzor : 1. If it's the Private Millitary Company or Armed brittish Force DLC, you haven't properly installed or downloaded it on the right directory.
2. Also be sure to play on the retailed copy of Arma 2.
3. Use your texture settings to anything exept "Default", it causses graphic bugs all over the place most of the time.
1. I've bought this game on Steam, and i only have the British Armed Forces DLC so yeah, its installed correctly.
2. I only have the retailed copy of the game, and I've had it for like 1, 5 years.
3. I always have it on default, and thats what alot of other people say that you should use.