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#119089 Posted at 2012-02-27 06:59        
Glad to hear there will be more coming. I enjoyed this one because it was short.

I also was curious why I wasn't attacked going thru Chak Chak. Loaded it up once more. This time when extracting with the mayor, I checked the fuel gauge. (Shouldn't have bothered)

Everything was about the same till I entered Chak Chak. After passing the barrel, running down the middle of the street was this squad of soldiers. Took out two. It's not fair though, roadkill doesn't count for score.

In the next town, the littlebird took care of the heavywork, just leaving 1 or 2 to mop up. Stole the truck and continued on to the base. Got to see my favorite ending.

It seems there is just enough random action in this mission to make it replayable. I'll try pulling your Lions' tail next. Let you know how I fare..