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#119185 Posted at 2012-03-02 13:16        
This addon has units weapons and ammo, so I guess it belongs in here. :)

Primarily, Rhapsody Core is a support addon for Tankbuster's Domination edit, known as Takistan Rhapsody, but it also includes some IEDs and related objects. These two parts are described below.

First, there are some reconfigured units that help the author's mission. Primarily, these are units that have had their side changed so that they work better in side missions, such as the Scud vehicle, the Chukar cruise missile, the L39 and the Igla pod, plus a couple of others.

Secondly, there are some units and objects to support the TKY roadside bomb project. There's 3 explosions which are reconfigured hand grenades giving the mission designer a small, medium and large explosion. In power. they are roughly equivalent to a hand grenade, a satchel and a pair of LGBs respectively.

There is also a custom IED object. Made by RKSL Rock, it looks like an artillery shell with a detonator package attached, sitting on a small rock
Also made by Rock is the IED disruptor model. It's a reconfigured satchel charge that when set off, makes a small explosion.
Lastly, there's an ammo cache, made by WLD 427 that contains the disruptors.

Download Link; (readme contains much more info)

Note to my beta testers - this version is the same as the one you currently have. :)

Added 3 minutes later:

See the disruptor being used to kill an IED hidden in a pile of tyres.

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