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#121738 Posted at 2012-04-28 12:45        
At the moment it looks like I'll go with either the BI Store (Arma X d/l at £40.76) or Amazon (Arma X PC DVD at £35.39) and Six Updater. Ideally, I'd like to have Arma CO, British Armed Forces and PMC with the ACE, ACRE and DayZ mods. I've made the decision to avoid Steam.

Which other mods would the Arma Posse see as 'necessary', 'nice but not essential' and 'don't bother'?

To put that into context, I'd like to hook up with a group that is predominantly Co-op rather than PvP, and that plays as a 'realistic' military unit. I know each particular group has its own requirements, and I would include those in the 'necessary' list once I've looked some more into the groups that are out there, and that fit with the type of play I'd like to experience and be a part of.


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