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#122326 Posted at 2012-05-11 20:22        
Hi guys, this is my first post although Im a long time lurker! :p

I just registered to say that using the Arma 2 launcher from Spirited Machine -
lets you run as Combined Ops even if you have A2 and A2OA installed separately, not only that but if you are a Steam user it will work aswell and even better it lets you run the game without the need to even start Steam :D

It is all pretty much self explanatory, but once you have the launcher installed go to the "Launch Options" tab then browse to each of the games .exe files (including the separate Beta install paths if you have them too)
Then set up the "Other Options" and "Performance" sections to your preferences.

Next go to the "Addons" tab and dependent on where you have your addons installed you should see your addons listed under the "Available Addons" section. If your addons are not there then you will have to go to the "Addon Options" tab and add the directory where they are installed by pressing the green cross next to the "Additional Addon Search Directorys" section.

Under the "Addons" tab with your addons showing as available, you can set up groups of addons you wish to launch, for instance in my screenshot below you can see I have the DayZ mod as one group with the addons needed for that mod and then GITS mod in another group.

To add the groups just right click on Addons / Mods within the "Addon Groups" section then choose add new group, you can then right click on that new group and rename it.
Next you need to simply drag the addons you wish to add into this group from the "Available Addons" section over and into your new group.
Finally once you have your groups set up you need to tick the boxes of each group and addons within that group that you wish to be started when you launch the game. Also tick the Addons / Mods box aswell, leaving it unticked means no addons will run when the game is started.

When you have everything setup you can see at the bottom of the Launcher under "Parameters" it shows everything you have setup to run, much like a shortcut would be. To the right of that under "Game Version" you have the choice to start Arma 2 alone, Arma 2 OA alone or to start Arma 2 CO, which is obviously Combined Ops and the option you need to choose before clicking the start button :D