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#123394 Posted at 2012-06-01 00:38        
Warrior of Arma -- I did try adding some UAV and manned Little Bird overwatch, but they affect the behavior of the OPFOR in obnoxious ways, plus this RQ-11 looks like it required CBA, which I'm trying to keep out of this mission, along with ACE (for now). Additionally, airborne elements that aren't on a tight leash keep running the risk of flying [stupidly] into Pakistani airspace, which instantly ends the mission.

A few more updates:
* Working out bugs is getting tedious but nothing has been unfixable...
* Needed to do some serious tweaking to waypoints to ensure OPFOR attacks when they are called upon. Things are more stable now.
* Got the Artillery support to only be available when the Haaquni camp has been located, and then spent hours trying to get the syntax correct for the radio triggers containing this fire mission functionality which are created as a result. Finally got both the target marker on the map and the confirmation of fire mission function to work. (Still requires patience for the rounds to reach the target)
* Tweaked some interaction with civilians who have information about the location of the Haaquni camp. Actions are now being removed correctly after activation (before they would stick and cause confusion).
* Now you have to help the civilian in Tagaw before he helps you-- he asks for your help to clear the madrassah in the village in exchange for some valuable info. Once the madrassah is clear, you return to him and obtain the info.
* ANA ground forces will move faster to the rally point near Hadiz, ANA BMPs move slower, but still hunt down tangos and will provide fire support if still operational once you discover the location of the camp.
* Removed a hint about the optional BAF objective, it will be up to the player to decide if, when, and how they want to tackle it.

To Do:
* Evac chopper when primary objectives are complete (Clear training camp, kill and confirm HVT)
* Loss triggers (Straying into Pakistani territory = Mission Loss, If your embedded ANA liason dies = Mission Loss - since you will no longer have a translator)
* End triggers (depending on your performance you could have different debriefings)

I've played through a number of times once again to ensure everything is as consistent as it should be (there's still a good amount of randomness) and still working on the end game stuff, which is about all that's left as I continue to play through and work out kinks.