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#123511 Posted at 2012-06-03 16:34        
Very close to release, got the scenario img and description (overview.html) together, added triggers to warn you if you fire at non-combatants (shepards with lee-enfields trying to protect their flock will run around the AO, so check your fire!). Also, you now have to ensure the ANA Liason embedded in your fire team stays alive (he's your medic, he's the only one who can understand the local dialect, and he represents the ANA/NATO cooperation), the objective changes after you rendezvous...if he does die, the mission is lost.

Need to:
* Fix the evac chopper, he flies in after you activate the Radio Bravo trigger (which becomes available only after you complete the two primary objectives) and lands (your ANA liason leaves the FT to return to his unit), there's a check if all the members of your FT are either dead or aboard, but the takeoff and flying toward the endgame trigger isn't happening. Using the simplest possible evac (in-editor only) since other scripts that spawn the chopper/pilots have not been working for me.
* Try and keep the AI BMPs from moving on the captured BAF soldier or the Haaquni base before you do, sometimes they just go off and do their own thing (which is sort of understandable, given their own objectives). I've accounted for this for the most part, but I'd love to know how I can keep them from entering certain areas until the right time.
* Test it one or two more times myself.

Then it will be release time!